Wrong GAC Division?

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recently I saw a topic posted on this forum about the changes to GAC brackets which really put a smile on my face bcoz finally it seemed I won't always be at disadvantage against all my opponents in terms of GP.

My GP is 6.63kk right now and min GP for Div2 according to the post about changes is set to 6.65k, which means my place would be in Div3.

I joined GAC and got thrown into Div2.
Why and how did I get thrown into Division2 with GP lower than minimum set to qualify for Div2.
What happened?

Ensuring correct brackets for players requires like a bunch of if else statements which is like primary school programming at this point.

Should I file some bug report somewhere or what?


  • When you say “right now”, has it been higher at any point?
  • qqk
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    dunno ive been swapping some mods around for tb's p4 missions but in the game it says 6,63 gp in the GAC submenu
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