Ally Code Sharing [June 2021]


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  • Ciao nuovo giocatore sarei felice di nuovi alleati per progredire nel gioco
  • need strong allies for getting futher lightside darkside my ally code is 168-365-969 tnx
  • Started 2 days ago lv 32 now would appreciate some strong allies my ally code is 121 624 165
  • im lvl 55 i just find out about this forum, i want help becus i didn t watch a guide and i have mixed and scramble teams
    ally code: 677-129-611
    some tips will be so helpfull
  • Just join 6 days ago and need some ally.
  • Hey all,
    Looking for some help and tips.
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    Sure, I can help! Ally Code Sharing is a platform that allows users to share their ally codes in the context of gaming. WordPress plug-ins are add-ons or extensions that enhance the functionality of WordPress websites. By integrating Ally Code Sharing with WordPress plug-ins, users can easily incorporate ally code sharing features into their WordPress-based gaming websites or forums.

  • New hyperdrive account, looking for allies

  • Returning player after 3 years on anew account need back up ally code is 459-713-317
  • New buddy here: 185-775-733
  • Hey everybody i would like some strong allies to help me i am a new player only level 25y ally code is 376 484 992 thanks for your help
  • Level 35, started a few days ago looking for help :)
  • I'm a new player looking for any kind of ally!

  • 496-517-776
  • New player looking for allies
  • Hi there. Ally code is 596-347-773. Characters are level 31 and steadily increasing daily.
  • AChaos
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    I have just started a new account a few days ago and would like some allies to help through the grind 191-831-944.

    I am doing a challenge to primarily use female characters so if you could set female characters that would be most appreciated. I literally won't use them otherwise.

    436-839-739 is the ally code for my main account for new players that need help. I am currently full on allies but I will remove inactive players to make space.

    I currently have Zam set for Mod, Cantina, and Dark Side Battles and Padmé set for Light Side. These are likely to change at some point in the future to General Skywalker and Lord Vader.
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  • Hi Hello bro
  • invite please
  • Mid game Need help with dark and light code 977-963-952 would
  • 819-368-527

    Veteran player, feel free to add me if you need help.
  • If any strong players could me also that would be great, thanks! 828-583-256
  • ddevin12 wrote: »

    Veteran player, feel free to add me if you need help.

    Added you 977-963-951.Thanks!
  • New Player, level 38 looking for allies

  • New player looking for help: 391-155-269
  • Newer player here lvl 67. Could use some help!
    Ally code: 262-292-138
  • Hello.

    Newer player here too (lvl 41). If any veteran player could lend a helping hand I would be grateful.
    Ally code: 365-262-335
  • New player looking for help: 264-281-428
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    *Ally code Edited*
    i messed up my limited resources so i had to begin again mb :(

    Im a returning player always get demoralized after playing for 3 months + :(

    This time my resolve is to stick around for good in until SWGH end

    I would really appreciate if you let borrow your Legend Toonz for sweeping early stage

    *Im also looking for beginners guild for new accounts* (I'm F2P and i put alot of effort)

    Here is my Ally ID:



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