Join Fear and Loathing

If you’re looking for a new home in SWGOH then join Fear and Loathing!

We are a casual but very active guild with many members that have been in the guild since the first months of the game.

We are currently a 190 mil GP guild with 45/50 members after losing a few members recently.
We have about a 80% win rate in TW, get 23 stars on DS geo and 10 stars on LS geo. We get roughly 25 wat shards per TB and are close to getting KAM shards.

We run all 3 raids on heroic with a 24 hour join period so all can get some of the rewards.
We also complete half of the heroic pit raid without a clear strategy so we should be able to beat in within the next few months once we organize our runs!

Discord is by no means mandatory but it is a great place to get advice and chat with other members of the guild.

We are looking for 3 mil GP+ but that is flexible so if you are less feel free to reach out to me. My ally code is 524-324-936
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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