Best Leadership for a Galactic Republic Jedi Team ?

The title says it all folks.

If you were trying to create a team of all GR Jedi centered around the "Padme Trio" of Kenobi, Anakin, & Ahsoka, who would you put with them & who would be the leader?

I tried a Kenobi lead w/ Shaak & QGJ as the added 2 Jedi yesterday & it fell apart in seconds.
Not a single wave cleared, heck, not sure I even killed a single target.

I'm thinking of swapping GAS in for Shaak today, but, I'm still not sure who's lead would be better.
Kenobi? QGJ?

So what are your thoughts?

Is there even a team that can survive the LS-Geo using the basic GR Jedi w/o dipping into the more meta leads (Revan, Basti,...... or JKL/JML who I don't have) ?

For the record this is what I'm working with.



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    I use Kenobi, GMY, GAS, Ahsoka +1.

    Shaak is good, but this clashes with needing her in the Reek mission.

    Barriss or Aayla would be my next suggestions, but they would blow over in a stiff breeze til they are g13.
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