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This is for the "old" people, how many of you saw this original in the movie theaters, when it first came out? I have dated myself but we saw this movie before any CGI was added, before Dolby surround sound, we might be dinosaurs, but we are the original Star wars geeks.


  • Here here I saw it first day of release never looked back :p
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    I saw it before cgi was added, but not in theaters. Wasn't born yet unfortunately
  • This film changed my world there was nothing like it back it was and is still the defining moment of my childhood B)
  • Indeed. Mom took my Brother and I three times in '77. And we bugged the crap out of her until "Empire" came out in '80. Think we went to "Jedi" the most in '83. Greatest thing I had ever seen except for the Ewoks. I remember my Brother trying to re-enact Luke's springboard routine over the Sarlaac pit off a tree branch and compressing his vertebra..good times. The force has been strong in our Family ever since. Mom is still around and she was able to go to TFA with the Grandkids..across the generations...
    *Ninth* time. That business on Cato Neimodia doesn't- doesn't count.
  • I nagged my parents rotten to take me to see it so much they never forgave me
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    Good stories, how many of you had the action figures, and vehicles, what was your favorites? Remember the light sabers would come up out of their arms, and my favorite was the millennium falcon, which part of the top would come off to reveal the monster chess board that chewie and r2 played on, and also the light saber training droid that Luke used to hone his skills. Wish I still had the original toys.
  • Oh yeah, and they are worth a lot of cheddar now, too. How many Han Solos we burned with my Dad's lighter so he was in "Carbonite" (before they came out with frozen solo) ... Mom bought a Bespin Leia so my Sister could play, we ripped her arms off and told our Sister to go away. Broken X-wings and TIE fighters..My Mom found a box in the basement and had what was left of our toys. A battle-damaged Luke X-wing and still had a Yoda with his little robe on, had lost the snake long ago...sigh
    *Ninth* time. That business on Cato Neimodia doesn't- doesn't count.
  • The original Kenner action figures in mint condition are worth thousands for a collection.
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    Not even in the packaging.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
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    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
  • I didnt have the toys we were poor back then but I did have an revel build kit of a xwing which was cool B)
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