Jedi Master Kenobi Ultimate Ability Materials Shuffle

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

A quick heads up that we are spreading out the Ultimate Ability Materials for the Jedi Master Kenobi event across several tiers. While other Galactic Legend events had evolutions of the same battle for Tiers 4 through 6, each of Kenobi’s event Tiers will vary and we want players to experience each of the final Tiers equally.

Jedi Master Kenobi’s event will require 4 completions of each of the last 3 tiers to earn all Ultimate Ability Materials instead of 10 battles at Tier VI. This means that Jedi Master Kenobi will require 12 Ultimate Ability Materials instead of 10, but the overall amount of Dark Side or Light Side currency needed remains the same.

How does it require the same amount of currency? In previous Galactic Legends events, you would have had to complete Tiers 4 and 5 in order to reach Tier 6 and then have 10 successful completions at Tier VI to get 10 Ability Materials. So 12 completions total for the last 3 tiers. For Kenobi’s GL event, you need 4 wins on each of the last 3 tiers, and for those bad at math, that’s also 12 completions total.

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