Help me focus - Geos? Empire? Jedis?

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Help me decide which project to focus on first, as in right now.

I'm FTP at level 82 and getting ready to hit 85 to hopefully unlock some great teams. I have been trying to follow some of the most widely accepted advice: Focus on fleet as ftp and phoenix first. I get into top 20 in fleet using geos with executrix plus Ahsoka and JKA as assists. In arena, GW and pretty much everywhere else I'm using Bastila jedis. I'm always in top 500, but top 200 is pretty competitive with lots and lots of HDBs.

I also have a decent empire squad, 7* EP (L), GMT and Starck with 6* Vader and Thrawn. Of course I've also got a geos squad, all 7* – Nute (L) and 4 geos. I haven't invested too much in Poggle and Nute. I've been farming HT and when I hit 83, I'll be picking up Bossk and Brood Alpha.

At 85, I'll try to unlock Padmé. I don't think I'll have GK just yet when I unlock her, so I'm looking at Padmé, JKA, Ahsoka, GMY and probably R2 (some say 5s instead?). I'm also picking up JKR toons and ewoks for c3po on the side. My question is where to invest right now – gear, skill mats, levels, even perhaps a zeta.

– Geos. The three pilots are no-brainers. I'll be using them in fleet for the foreseeable future, and they'll help me get Padmé. But should I commit to the geo squad in arena too, and put serious mods on the pilots plus level and gear Poggle and eventually GBA (or even Nute for early switch in arena, the GBA farm is gonna take a while)? Or is it too much focus on characters that will never be as strong as my other options.

– empire. I have a pretty good squad there, but I haven't really been utilizing it fully. I'm right now only missing 21 shards on Vader, and if I pushed all my resources into phoenix now I think I could probably 7* Thrawn. But I'd need resources to gear and level the empire squad after that, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't save some of it for Padmés squad. I don't want to spread my resources too thin. On the other hand, isn't this squad pretty much as good as Padmé until GK (and c3po)? Maybe this should be my main focus really, now and for a long time. However, zero synergy with my current fleet plans.

– Jedis. These are my go to guys right now and I'll get immediate benefit from investing here. I've been pumping JKA and Ahsoka for fleet and also in preparation for Padmé, and I'll keep gearing them. But their omegas just don't make any sense yet. GMY will probably stay relevant for a while on my Padmé squad, and I've been thinking about putting a zeta on BM. Then there's Bastila, resources there won't be wasted on her either with JKR being my next GH after Padmé. Lastly Ezra who will be getting me Thrawn's last star with the phoenixes.
Help me with your clear hindsight, please! I know I'll use all the teams, but it's unclear to me how long geos or empire would last in arena, and how fast my Padmé squad will be ready to roll.


  • From what I can see, it looks like you're at a stage where you can go anywhere. You can start farming for a GL, start farming for legendaries and journey characters, or the like. What I'd suggest is going for JKR at this stage, and then DRevan/Malak. Going for Malak will give you three teams for Grand Arena: JKR/Jedi, Sith Empire, and Old Republic. After that, you might want to get your Geos up and running for the DSGTB and farming Wat.

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    Yes, I'll go for JKR next, and Malak may be a good option afterwards, though I'm also considering CLS. But that doesn't really help me deciding which squad to invest in immediately for arena until I have the Padmé squad ready. Should I stay with jedis and perhaps put a zeta on GMY (there's some fleet synergy in the form of Ahsoka and JKA)? Should I switch to empire which is probably my strongest squad now and all the way up until I can add GK to my Padmé squad (drawback there is zero fleet synergy)? Or should I focus all on geos and speed farm and zeta GBA once I hit 83 (big fleet synergy, but not the strongest team and no future for the members on stronger teams)?

    The reason I can't decide is that it's hard for me to judge how long Geos/Emp/Jedis will stay relevant in arena compared to how long it will take me to unlock, level and gear the next squad (Padmé) up to the point where it's stronger than my current one.
  • since i am around your lvl and pretty much in the same path this is i would do in your place.

    I would give priority to 2 things.
    1) Since you are 82 at this point i would concentrate and put resources on Phoenix and get Thrawn 7* so you can finally leave Phoenix behind and never bother again.
    2) Keep buying Geo's ship shards and spare them any parts but also spare Tarking gear since its gonna be your capital ship for a while, so you won't lose top20 fleet for now.
    Those 2 goals are a must and those things go together for now.

    3) After 7* Thrawn, i would upgrade Poogle and keep upgrading Geos for 2 reasons, getting Padme and also for the fleet so you won't lose top 20.
    I hope you have saved some crystals so when Brood Alpha node opens you can buy refreshes, and have as fast as possible Alpha upgraded so you can get Padme.

    Then Padme along Ahsoka, Anakin, GMY and Kenobi will be your arena squad for some time. (by the time you 'll have Geos in general, Brood Alpha 7* and in a good gear lvl and Padme also 7* and in a good gear lvl you ll have Kenobi, of course that depends from your guild mostly.

    Meanwhile under 500 rank in arena is satisfying for now. The spare yellow energy between those stages i mentioned i wouldn't bother with ewoks since you gonna stretch way too much and i would side farm toons needed for Revan, and have a good Boba for credit heist event.
    For the fleet i would also go for Vaders ship when it appears.

    Tha means that your empire team is gonna fall behind a bit but since you gonna keep upgrading 3 Geos for your fleet and since you have already GMY, Ahsoka, Anakin then (for me) not getting Padme would be a mistake.
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    Thank you for the input! That makes a lot of sense.

    I don't think I'm gonna rush Thrawn though - I'm not using his ship, and if I'm mostly putting empire on back burner, I see no reason to push phoenix over my other projects. I'll focus on Geos and Tarkin like you say, and just get the last star on Thrawn when the credit crunch is less severe (at the latest when Vader is 7* for R2).

    Gearing the Geos makes the most sense, including Poggle and GBA. Whether or not they will be my arena squad will depend on how much I have to gear them for 7* Padmé. I'm about 2/3 to unlocking GK. I'll hold the zeta for now.

    I have Boba at 7* G8, and getting jango in tandem with HT. Besides that, I'm primarily getting JKR characters right now, almost done with T3-M4 in cantina, but I won't have finished mission before I have to switch to GBA. Jolee and Zaalbar in yellow energy - I'm also getting ewok elder and wicket there, as well as buying Logray shards when they pop up in the guild store. Not sure how to spend yellow energy better. Looking at Hoth soldier (for the Hoth event), Greef Karga (for BH squad), Bariss Offee (for tankiness on Padmé squad until GK), farm boy Luke (for CLS, pretty much have everyone else at 7*, and even though he's cheaper in the cantina, my cantina farm queue seems infinite). What are you farming in yellow energy?
  • Hi @Sasja you are making very good progress so keep it up. Below are a few of my thoughts on direction.

    1. Keep the focus on fleet to maintain that top 20 placement daily, so keep working to take your Geo Spy, Solider and Sun Fac to g12....and work towards getting Tarkin to g11 at least.
    2. Once you hit level 83, start farming for GBA hard, use however many cantina refreshes you can afford daily (up to 3x per day) so you can have him at 7* by time you hit level 85.
    3. I would then work to getting all 5 of your Geos "Wat ready" which means minimum 16.5k gp each. Which since you use them for fleet should just mean g12 on GBA, Solider, Spy & SF and then g11 + a few pieces on Poggle to reach that. At that level they will be viable in fleet until you move to one of the top teams you are farming. Also they will easily unlock Padme.
    3a. What is your current guild situation? Looks like you're in a guild around 100m gp. If you get your Geos up to the above, you should be looking to get into a guild 200m+ that is doing DS Geo TB with a decent amount of stars and Wat shards (which you will then help to contribute).
    4. Decide what you want your next big squad to be, which really there are two options. (1) Padme & GR or (2) DR and Malak. The 2nd is the better one, but will take you a bit more time to get there, but would be worth it.

    Other thoughts
    - You might as well try to "finish" your PS just so you can get 7* just to be done. At 7* you can use him in raids so that is why it's good to get him there
    - I would not work on ewoks now, there are plenty of things you are doing so just use those resources for gear instead. You will have so many teams you are already gearing that you will spread yourself too thin trying to do ewoks (me personally i farmed the ewok shards early thinking i'd go this way, but then they just all sat there 7* waiting on gear because too many other projects in between). If you decide Padme GR is really the way you want to go, then we can consider this.
    - Work on getting Vader to g13 and around relic 5 if possible. He can be a real force even with a lower-geared supporting cast
    - CLS I would not do right now either. He is easy to unlock (and you have Han), but to make him really work you need Chewbacca (so BH), Chewpio (single shard farm for now but should change soon) and C3PO as well. Better to go either Padme or DR / Malak then maybe circle back (or after a GL)
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    @Sasja i understand because in our lvl we get general directions while we need very detailed answers. So for the game.

    I only said to bother with Phoenix just to take Thrawn at 7*, leave him with no gear so you could finally put Phoenix team away and never bother again. Personally i wanna get rid of them and i 'll bother, they are close to requirements to get 7* Thrawn anyway. But if you think that will mess up your plan do it later. Btw Thrawn is a plug and play character and he can fit in any DS team.

    Yes a Padme team works better with 3cpo but it's not like it's desperately needed for now and you can bother with ewoks as long they won't mess up your plan because i insist you gonna stretch too much.

    Personally with yellow energy (i refresh twice the day) i farm Gideon who's another plug and play toon and needed for my DS team, Vulture for my fleet, Jolee who's a slow farm, and red energy Hyena for my fleet also because later on i ll be going for malevolence capital ship which works great with no pilot droid ships and Geos since i wanna keep my top 20 rank in fleet and even below.

    I'm not in a hurry for JKR or any other toon because Tarkin, Geos to g12, the Padme team and gear up her, kenobi, GMY, Ahsoka, Anakin to a good lvl, my DS team and ships, fleet in general are more than enough to handle for the next months and i don't want to stretch more.

  • @Sasja what @Intimmydation said is the path.
  • Sasja
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    Thanks a lot @Intimmydation!

    Very useful to hear about your ewoks, because I thought that I might as well get them early so I'd get some use out of them instead of getting them later when they'll be collector's items immediately. But if I can't level and gear them, I guess that I might as well postpone them.

    About your point 3), I assume you mean they're arena viable? Would you put a zeta on GBA or save the mats for Padmé squad? Or possibly Vader, which would lift my empire squad immediately, and also be useful in fleet at some point.

    All your "other thoughts" make perfect sense to me. I'll finish the JKR farms since I'm almost there, and I guess I should start farming whatever my next project's going to be - DR/Malak, SEE, SLKR hmmm.

    My guild is part of a cluster of guilds, so I can ask to be transferred to a bigger and more active guild.

    @Terkac11 thanks again, yes exactly. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Gideon is a one shard farm, otherwise I'd be farming him too. Vulture and hyena are both good points. And I guess I should be spending more energy just farming gear.
  • @Sasja

    One of the biggest mistakes early (and I've done this many times) is just to finish one character farm and start another, because there are so many characters you want to get. But doing that doesn't do any good if you don't have the resources (gear) to actually use them. So better to make your plan for what your "big project" is, which I would say should be DR/Malak or Padme GR and then work towards that including gearing. Once you are getting close to finishing them, then think ahead for your next project and what characters are needed.

    Now for the ewoks (or BH) farms, you can go ahead and buy Logray & Dengar from the guild store after you finish any main farms you have going there. They are both rarer drops, and you'll want them eventually to unlock C3PO and Chewbacca, respectively. Just save your energy for other important toons or gear.

    And don't sleep on ships. As @Terkac11 mentions, you should start farming Vulture Droid and Hyena Bomber for your Geo fleet. Since you're getting Bossk & HT, then maybe put Hyena Bomber on hold for now. How many total normal energy hard nodes do you have on farm?

    For the zeta question, either Vader or GBA are good options. In fact, I'd say those should be your first 2 you invest in. Neither character really works without them. Vader with zeta (and eventually Palp zeta on leader ability) can do really work with just a well-geared Vader. The full Geo team NEEDS GBA's zeta to work (Queen's Will). The Padme squad will need 6 zetas to fully work, so better to get Vader and GBA working first (you need GBA anyway to get Padme).

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    I agree with everything that @Intimmydation wrote. The only thing i wanna clarify is that Vulture and Hyena is what i farm personally and an answer to what i farm and not a recommendation necessarily because our fleet have different paths.

    But for @Sasja since Hyena as you mentioned probably is a no go since he went for HT starting Vulture now and from 0 worths it?
    Will he go for malevolence? You can clarify that if you want or give alternatives.

    As for the rest you are 100% right, gear, gear, gear and not 7* toons spead all over with g6. That's why I'm after gear and only a few specific toons.
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  • I think the question on what other ships to farm can come down to whether you plan to go for Padme or DR/Malak. If going for Padme, then you will already be building up a GR squad, so you may want to go GR fleet (Negotiator) as your first GET2 fleet. If this is the case, then just keep farming HT and eventually start BTL Y-Wing.

    If going for DR/Malak, then probably a Malevolence GET2 ships (using Geos you already have) is better...and in that case the VD & Hyena Bomber will definitely be needed. Can still do HT first as it is very versatile, and then once energy frees up put it towards HB. HT can then be moved to the tank in your 2nd fleet easily.

    Overall HT is a must-have for any fleet, ships are all just long farms. Nice thing about VD and HB is they are pilotless so you don't have to gear the pilots, but you really do need the ships at 7*.
  • That's why i ll go for Malevolence because i don't need to gear 2 more pilots. I think your answer clarifies the fleet/ships thing. Thanx.
  • Yeah I am doing the same, especially on a f2p account. A 5* Malevolence with g12 Geo pilots can wreak havoc even on Negotiators.
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    I guess I haven’t really thought about fleet beyond geos, but I see your point now: The two top meta fleet options are Malevolence with geos and two pilotless ships (what’s the last ship there) - offering great value - the other is Negotiator with anakin, umbaran, HT, Ahsoka and I guess plo koon and btl-b y-wing?

    What made you guys pick Malevolence over Negotiator? I do see the attraction of the pilotless ships with Malevolence, on the other hand many of the key ships with Negotiator will be leveled and geared as part of the Padmé squad anyway, right?

    Also, I'm actually a "she" - not all gamers are male ;)
  • Sasja
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    I've got the following on yellow energy farm:
    Jolee Bindo
    8C hard (for gear)
    Ewok elder
    Hoth soldier
    Greef Karga
    Kuiil/imp tie bomber (mostly for the bomber, but I guess I should have gone for the hyena bomber instead)
  • Sasja
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    I feel tempted to switch the ewoks and down for hyena bomber and VD plus extra gear, but I'm still a little confused over whether to go Malevolence or Negotiator. I'm closer to unlocking GG than GK. On the other hand, I do want to develop the Padmé squad which you seem to think should push me towards Negotiator @Intimmydation
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    @Sasha lol sorry for the sex change. I thought it was a Serbian/Russian/Balkan? male name or something like that.

    For the game i will insist again that you are stretching too much and you gonna have a lot of toons without proper gear and a huge credit gap. Your no1 priority is fleet and not toons. Focusing on Tarkin, Geos, and only one team would be very ok. But choose one and not 3.
    It's impossible to have at the same time, (unless you put serious money) Geos geared up for the fleet, Padme and her squad geared up, Revan requirements geared up so you can acquire him and Revan him self and his team geared up. Only with money, and serious money. Let alone to gear up Ewoks. Choose only one team that you will be gearing up along with Geos.

    Geos comes first, or to put it better, fleet arena comes first, fleet is going to be your only serious source of crystals income for a long time. Im telling you this because i went the same path you are taking and the result was to start over the game. Same thing happened to @Intimmydation

    For the fleet path go to ships and check the abilities of Vulture, Hyena and then malevolence. You will see their synergy and you 'll understand why Geos and those two go together.
    And if you decide to farm those ships you 'll need to refresh otherwise it's gonna take a long time. And definitely continue on HT. The fifth can be Vaders ship but 5th reinforcement is rarely used since the battle most of the times is over by that time.
    I think its best before you make any decisions about future fleet after Geos is it to decide what team will be your main squad because if you gonna farm 3 teams at once in the end no matter what path you ll follow you 'll end up with low gear pilots

    @Intimmydation bro give your final recommendation about future fleet path because whatever she ll do now will affect the rest of her game

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    Thanks mate, np Sasja/Sasha is a nickname in Russian for Alexandra as well as Alexander, so I can’t hold it against you (I’m actually Danish though), I just gotta wave the flag y’know :smiley:

    And you’re right about spreading gear too thin. The toon collection speed is doubled which makes the gear bottle neck all the more restricting. I think probably Padme makes the most sense for me to aim for as main squad.

    I’m completely ready to put fleet first, but I still don’t feel 100% sure whether malevolence or negotiator is the best fit. Malevolence fits with geos, Negotiator with the Padme squad.

  • Nice to meet you @Sasja, I'm Greek and that's why i thought that the name looks familiar and it's from our neighbourhood.

    Regarding the fleet wait for @Intimmydation who's more experienced to give you the final path between Malevolence or Negotiator. It's a tough decision because both options have their pros and cons.
    Also you can make a little research yourself here, and also on discord there are channels only for fleet like this one I'm using.

  • @Sasja on my main account I am in a guild with mainly Danish players (guild is called New Heroes of Denmark)...I reached out to join it because I'm a big fan of LEGO and since they are from Denmark I said why not :)

    Negotiator vs Malevolence debate
    • You can't really go wrong with either but I'll try to give a few points on pros & cons of each below
    • As a f2p account, you are already building a Geo fleet, whereas HDB players are likely building towards GR already since they start with a few of the ships. Those HDB will likely have a GET2 capital ship before you as f2p, and likely that means Negotiator
    • A 5* Malevolence can beat a 7* Negotiator fleet, and requires way less investment in pilots as you can do fine with 3x g12 Geos + pilotless VD & HB plus throw in something else (Tie Bomber even, another pilotless ship)
    • Negotiator will hold better on defense, but you don't need to stay in the top 5 24/7, just be able to get there during your climb before your PO
    • If a Padme team really is what you will go for as your first big meta squad, then potentially it makes sense to go with Negotiator first. Because you will already be gearing JKA, Ahsoka and GK (and potentially Fives as a placeholder until GK). Just know that you will have to gear them higher than you would Geos, JKA at relic 7, GK at the same and Ahsoka there eventually (you'll want them all at relic for squad anyway). So it just means it will take more time to get them up to those levels
    • An option that many people suggest is to unlock Malevolence first at 5*, then save your GET2 currency again and get Negotiator next and take it to 7* before going back to Malevolence to 6 & 7*. If Padme is to be your squad, I would probably suggest this as it will give you the Mal early for the Geo fleet you already have build, then gives you time to gear up all the GR to the relic levels you will need.
    • Malevolence fleet is the much lower investment into pilots (3x Geos + Tarkin / GG and really you can have 3 pilotless ships)
    • Negotiator fleet is a heavy investment in pilots as you need JKA, Ahsoka, Fives, Bossk, Plo, Rex/Clone Sarg and only 1 pilotless ship (BTL Ywing)

    On my main account, I have a Negotiator (though my pilots are not geared well enough yet because I went Rebels first), but I will be getting Malevolence on this alt f2p account.

    Hope that breaks it down a bit, let me know if any other questions.
  • Also a couple other notes:
    1. You don't have to decide now which to go for, just save all the GET2 currency and don't buy any shards. You need 39,000 GET2 to unlock a capital ship anyway, so once you are at like 35k you can make the decision and start buying shards.
    2. Always buy GG shards from the fleet store when they show up, regardless.
    3. You will have both GK and GG activated long before you have either of the capital ships and most likely both at 6* before then, so this shouldn't influence which you go for.
    4. Pick the one that you think you will enjoy the most in the end, but I think having Mal and seeing a f2p shred apart all those HDB Negotiators will be fun :)
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    Thank you sooo much @Intimmydation, I had almost convinced myself to go with Neg, but I think you're absolutely right - as ftp I'm not gonna hold up in def anyway, so it's much more valuable to be able to climb. Trying to take down hdb Neg with a lower level Neg would be a pain. Even though Neg may be the more versatile option, I mostly need a good placement in fleet arena for the crystal income.

    So now I'm wondering whether to rethink investing heavily in the Padmé squad. Why did you say earlier that
    (...)4. Decide what you want your next big squad to be, which really there are two options. (1) Padme & GR or (2) DR and Malak.(...)

    What's the synergy between DR/Malak and Malevolence?

    I was thinking another option could be to not invest too deeply in Padme squad, but beeline to GAS - unlocking GAS uses many of the GG squad toons.

    Thanks for helping me understand this better!

    So funny you should be in a Danish guild, don't they speak Danish :smiley: But who doesn't love lego ;) Maybe that's why there seem to be quite a few Danish guilds considering the size of the country.

    Thank you @Terkac11 I've joined the discord channel B)

  • Sasja wrote: »
    What's the synergy between DR/Malak and Malevolence?
    No synergies at all between them, just that DR/Malak is a top 3 non-GL team, and can even beat some GLs (which Padme can't). This team can get you top ranks in Squad Arena longer than Padme, if that's what you want.
    I was thinking another option could be to not invest too deeply in Padme squad, but beeline to GAS - unlocking GAS uses many of the GG squad toons.

    Thanks for helping me understand this better!

    So funny you should be in a Danish guild, don't they speak Danish :smiley: But who doesn't love lego ;) Maybe that's why there seem to be quite a few Danish guilds considering the size of the country.

    Darth Loquiter is a YouTuber and has a discord, and he has recently put together a new player guide which then branches into 4 different paths (I unveiled my pathway here before his was released, but it's pretty similar considering @Arva helped me a lot and he is also part of DL's Dark Council but I swear I didn't just copy DL!)

    The most recent path he unveiled (after the initial guide which you should watch) is called the "Senator" pathway and is working towards a build that helps your Guild out the most (and should get you into a really good guild). I suggest you watch it because in it he shows how you could potentially transition from the Geo starter fleet into a GR fleet with Negotiator, with a focus on the Padme & Clone teams.

    The pathway from my thread and that I am building towards, is more in line with his "Techno Union" branch, but I think his videos are well done and really give 4 different ways to go after hitting level 85. Before and on your way to 85 you can follow my guide here or search for his beginner guide video as they are pretty similar.
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    Btw here are screenshots of the top 12 teams in my squad arena shard today at my PO time. You’ll notice there are more DR Malak teams at the top (the guy with SEE in 2 just got him yesterday and used Malak before). There are Padme teams there but they all drop to 15-20+ nightly whereas the DR Malak’a don’t really drop out of top 10

  • Sasja
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    Thank you so much!
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