Ships 5E hoth

This node is totally unbeatable. I have 9 7 star ships plus 4 6 star command ships and no combination can win. The computer gets 2 reinforcements before I even get one and the swarm of tie fighters destroys all my ships every single time. The 3 starter tie fighters plow through 2 tanks before I even get a turn. It's literally a joke and the most recent info I can find is almost 2 years old and totally useless.


  • The power of your ships depends on the power (stars, gears, and level of mods and abilities) of your pilots. Also, there are better ships than others. I remember doing the lasts missions on ships with a 7* Hound's Tooth with 7* g11 Bossk, and Thrawn's ship (with 7* g9 thrawn), basically holding up with HT until I got enough of Thrawn's instakill. Of course there's posible to do it with other comps, but I have no experience with them so I got no idea.
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    More details are needed on the ships you are using, pilot gear levels, etc.
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    (5E Hoth is still on the Normal table, should we tell him about 5 hard?)

    All kidding aside;
    Definitely can be frustrating to meet a node you can’t beat - but just working your way through the tables is only one of the smallest parts of the game, as mentioned above, you are currently suffering from either (actually probably both) a lack of synergy on your ships or a lack of gear on your pilots
    maybe even leveling issues with ships/pilots as well, credits are scarce in the early game.

    Don’t let it get you down, and more importantly, don’t waste precious energy bashing your head against a wall - go back to a node you have already beaten and either farm gear for pilots or ship/character shards to advance your roster. Wait until you have made a few significant improvements (like a full gear level on your pilots) before returning to the node and trying again - it’s all about the long game.

    Also, if you do care to provide a link to either your account (if you have one) or at least your 9 digit ally code, we can take a look at your roster and try to provide a bit of advice.
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