Minor Title Update: 07/13/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s Title Update has begun to roll out to app stores as of this morning and includes the fixes listed below. You will be required to update the game tomorrow with a Content Update and will also receive these fixes at that time if you do not manually update before then. You can check your app store over the next 24 hours and see if it’s available.

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue regarding popup offers in which details of items are not clearly visible.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue in which freshly installed accounts were unable to close the Unit Synergy window after viewing the tutorial.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue affecting the saved squads screen in which new squads were not properly displaying after being moved to a new position.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue in which the buff/debuff information screen was not correctly displaying unit Health and Protection.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue in which clicking the left or right arrow on the character screen was displaying units other than the next member of a saved squad.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue with the Select Squad button defaulting to the Recommended tab rather than the last squad tab used.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue causing the game to crash during loading on iOS 12 and below.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue in which the correct gear-level wreath was not displayed during battle around units Gear 12 and lower.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue in which previously used characters in a Raid, Territory Battle, and other events were not visually distinct enough from unused units.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Proving Grounds modifier in Galactic Challenges which caused the granted ability "Superiority" to damage the character using it.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused the Stand Your Ground ability in the Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle to not grant Protection.


General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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