Getting Opponents from Wrong Division

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Hi, all. Hope this is the right section for this.

I've had at least two opponents in GAC this month who are in the division above me. I've been putting it down to "they just promoted lots" but this one tonight is particularly egregious:

This person is 130,000GP higher than the bracket's upper bound. Is there anything I can do about this? If not, I hope this is brought to the attention of the developers.

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    I don't think 130k GP is that egregious, not if they hoarded a bunch of gear and applied it all at once. Or added mods. Especially since it's been two weeks since the start of this GAC.

    Also what's their GP when you look at it from their character roster screen? Iirc the GP shown on their profile is the highest GP they have ever reached, while the GP on their roster screen will be their current GP. Maybe they took a bunch of mods off of their less used characters since then and their GP dropped. Not saying that this is the case but it's certainly possible
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    I guess it's possible but that's a *lot* of hoarding. He has SEE so maybe he just unlocked all that at once
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    1) Your division is locked at the start of the 4-week long GAC. Doesn't matter what you do after that.
    2) +130k GP does indeed sound like a final gear & relic push for GL unlock. A savvy player who cares about GAC will time such a push around GAC locks. I will be.making a final push for GL Kenobi after the final matchmaking of this GAC. With luck I can unlock him before the last match and freak out my opponent! (Aint I a stinker! :D )
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    Agreed, that is almost certainly a GL unlock.

    I myself just went up 170k from week 2 join period to week 3 join period, and that was starting with a few of the Kenobi Requirements finished or at R5 for challenge rancor and the remainder sitting at R0, if they have the will power to actually hoard the gear /stars/mods/ for the ‘questionable’ value characters, I could see a 200k jump being reached pretty easily.
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