SL NOMADS currently top 20 TW guild looking!

Nomads is looking for about 3 high end rosters to move in and stay. Looking for 6 million and above rosters with at least 2 GL’s close to a 3rd
About us
29 stars in lightside about to be 30 next time. 44 Kam shards
33 dark and 50 wat
We rotate sith and Cpit
Sith 2pm and 9 pm east coast times
Cpit is 3pm and 8 pm east coast
8 pm sim east coast.

You should look to join us if you like to win. Hold people accountable and just kick ****. We have a compliance server just for our guild and am part of shadowlands the alliance which has a great name. Even stopping by to talk and ask us questions we would enjoy that. Ask for fearless when you join.


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