P4 Fleets

Hey im not sure if this has been addressed in another discussion before but i found something that seems odd and would love someone to clarify. Ok so i was looking through the interactive TB map guide and it occurred to me that the p4 fleet zone takes 453 million TB points to 3 star. This seemed ridiculously high to me so i went and did some math + research and found i was right. The p4 fleet mission gives 2.75 million TB points if you win so for a guild to get 3 stars they would need to win all 50 missions which equals ~137 million then they would still need 320 million in straight Fleet GP not counting whatever you get from platoons. No guild in the entire game is even close to that number in fleet GP. In fact the current biggest guild only has 180 million fleet GP. How is any guild ever going to be able to hit 3 stars on the fleet zone if it stays where it currently is? We would need a massive influx of ship content or the threshold would need to be lowered. By my calculations a guild would need to be around 700 million GP to have that amount of fleet GP to 3 star the zone and the current biggest is only 450 mil.


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