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Sith Trimvar... Whatever. Nest vs Traya = impossible, a loop. Traya can't kill Nest, and Nest can't have a turn.

The only way to stop this is to force quit the game. You cannot even exit the match as you never have a turn. You lose all points scored in the process.
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  • this isnt as much of a flaw but more of a poor choice, nest is known to timeout in certain events and agianst certian teams that have high TM removal potential.
    some other characters with an issue is droideka and JTR, who can do this in TBs where you never die. droideka is harder to do i think but possible.

    there are probably others but those 3 are the main ones i see
  • Infinite nest loops. Infinite KRU loops. There are a few
  • We know this. It’s WAI. Don’t use Nest/Jango
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