Darth Vader *level

Sorry if I missed it somewhere, after collecting 80 shards, what is Vader's star level when first activated? I've been seeing 2* in ally borrow list, is that it?
If so, that'll be a little disappointing to collect 80 shards and get a 2* character.
I'd think 80 shard characters would be at least 3*.
Oh well, is what it is.
"That is why you fail."


  • Breakdown for new character shards are:

    10 shards = 1*
    25 shards = 2*
    50 shards = 3*
    80 shards = 4*

    Any ally character you see with a star level less than what the base should be is an AI generated ally I think. The game will randomly generate allies for you based on your level so you'll always have someone to pick on that screen. That's why some times you'll get a pop up asking if you want to add someone to friends list after a fight and other times you don't.
  • Vader is a 4* character. I have him at level 60. With gear around 4, his points are around 2400. He isn't the strongest by far.
  • I thought that's how the shards/*s worked out but got worried when I saw some 2* to borrow. The AI thing makes sense because just saw a player, with a 2* & 3* Vader in the borrow list. I mean seriously, how can a player have two Vaders.
    Thanks for the peace of mind Slushie.
    "That is why you fail."
  • My wife has Darth Vader unlocked she has played since soft launch. He is nothing special without synergy. But if you put him in a crit hit focused group with Darth Sidious there combined AOE's plus the 4 dot effects by both specials can debilitate a team rather quickly.
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