New capital ship idea, Phoenix carrier

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Hi, umm this is my first post. (Sorry if suggesting updates isn’t usual here, I just had an idea and in other forums I had been there was an update suggestions section)
Today in the morning I had an idea for a new capital ship. The empire has a bunch of capital ships, with a new one being added rn, but the rebels only have Ackbar I think.
So I had an idea to add one of my favorite characters and ships from rebels: Commander Sato and his Phoenix carrier. His ship could probably have synergies with rebel ships, but mostly the Phoenix ones.

So maybe his carrier could have this abilities:

1. Fire its guns to damage one target and maybe Phoenix allies assist.
2. Heal the allied fighters, probably some bonus to rebels.
3. Fire to damage all enemies, or maybe another healing/buff help?

And it’s special ability could be to summon a Phoenix squadron A-wing and a rebel Y-wing if there are empty slots. (Since Holdo already does ramming and that would be repetitive)

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    Not that another Rebel Capital ship isn’t a bad idea, it’d make more sense for the Profundity to be another one. That being said, the Rebels never had that many Capital ships until after the Battle of Endor
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    It’s not a bad idea, were it not for the fact that
    1: Resistance/FO STILL need ships to fill the fleets and a tank.
    2: SE barely has anything, let alone a capital ship. Btw, I want the Ravager.
    3: With the Executor debacle, I don’t trust CG enough to do it right
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