Hyperdrive bundle farming path?

I'm considering buying the bundle for my recenlty started f2p account --> swgoh.gg/p/193635978/ and I'm not quite sure what to farm after that , is there an updated farming plan for people who bought the bundle?


  • Just copying my reply from the other thread here in case anyone else has the same question.
    How will this farming path change If I buy the hyperdrive bundle?

    So in general, not much changes as these are still some key teams you will want on your roster, but let me give a couple comments. Note that with HDB, you will get a lot of characters at 5*, level 80 and gear 8.
    • Phoenix - You will still want to take them to 7* but doesn't have to be first priority. Already all at gear 8, so probably need Ezra to g10 and maybe one other to g9 (plus some investment in abilities)
    • Geos - You won't start with the geos so you will still want to farm them. This should still be a priority because it is still the best early game fleet even with HDB and you can use them to unlock Padme and get into a good guild. Fast farm as 3 of them are cantina energy (do these before finishing Phoenix), 1 is a GW store (Poggle) and only Sun Fac will take some time from the Fleet store.
    • Fleet - As I mentioned, you will still want to farm the geos and their ships, plus VD (starts at 5*), Hyena Bomber and also Hounds Tooth and Bossk immediately. BUT, from day 1 you can use the BH ships under Tarkin is probably the best bet (Xanadu, IG2000, Slave I with Phantom as 1st RI and then whatever after that)
    • One last point on fleet, you still will need to complete the zeta mat challenge, so you should prioritize this first. You need a 5* Executrix (which I think you start with 4*) and then any 6 ships at 5* (which you have).

      Possible main squads to go for first
      • Jedi Knight Revan (JKR) - You will only start with Bastilla at 5*, but you can farm quickly Mission & T3 from cantina energy, and both Jolee & Zalbaar have a hard node as well as a fleet node to farm. Considering refreshing their nodes once a day if you want to speed it up
      • Shaak Ti & Clones - You will start with Fives, Rex & Echo at 5*, so just need to farm Arc Trooper from cantina. Shaak Ti's fleet node will unfortunately be unreachable for some time even after HDB, so you would have to buy her shards from shipments using crystals to at least 4 or 5* but this is a great team in Arena plus will be good in CRancor raid and LS TB for KAM (after you get them all to r5+)
      • Vader and Empire or Sith - You will have a 5* Vader, so if you focus on getting his shards from the fleet store and doing the achievements you will get him to 7*. If you take him to g13 and relics right away (start r5) then he will be a powerhouse in Squad Arena even if your other members or the team are lower. Remember, you can still use that Phoenix squad to unlock Palp & Thrawn.
      • Padme - She is a great team as well early on that you can unlock easily if you focus on farming the Geos right away. You can stick her, Ahsoka, JKA, GMY + 1 together (Fives perhaps) until you get General Kenobi, who is timegated by the hAAT raid

      Those are probably the 4 options I'd suggest, and if you notice all of those teams are already in the guide I made for f2P except clones. HDB gives you a lot of resources to start, but not the best teams, though if you have a plan of where you want to go, you can get there.

      The only thing I'd consider is that if you DO decide to get the HDB, you may want to do it on a brand new account that way you may get a better Squad Arena shard placement since you are already locked into one. You can always monitor on discord when a new shard opens up, then start the new HDB account and you'll be placed early, and won't have a huge way to climb.
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