LIVE PVP with minimal impact implementation to the existing infrastructure

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It would be SO MUCH ******G FUN and awesome if you guys implemented a ONE MINUTE WINDOW that is opened as soon as player initiates a Squad Battle.

This is my visualization of a minimal impact implementation of a live PVP battle that could integrate into the current structure without breaking the quite necessary* existing model of attack any team whenever you want.

Heres how it works.
-I am rank 4, its 4:45 PM I am at work and not paying attention to the game.
-Rank 8 is itching for my spot, he clicks on battle to try and take me out.
-This window of opportunity would then literally be a (maximum) 1 minute wait for the attacking Rank 8 team.
- The server does its checks PRIOR to the Timer Countdown (checks = current checks you do before battle aka Are either of the teams currently in battle, did either of their ranks change prior to the start of this, you know the checks. im just saying if you make me wait a minute to tell me im already in a battle im gonna be highly annoyed..)
- A cancel button is available for the Rank 8 team to make any changes before trying to fight.
- I get a notification on my phone that says you are being challenged by rank 8!
- I am at work and don't see it.
- After 1 minute...
- GAME PROCEEDS AS IT DOES TODAY, aka the terrible computer AI loses for me.

-Its 5:33 and now I'm off work.. I grab my phone and realise I had 2 notifications from the game..
-now I know rank 8 challenged me and then 21 minutes later rank 15 challenged me..
-**** that sucks.. I goto shipments and buy some stuff I need,
-poof overlay popup (like the Client restarted ones you do) goes off and says Rank 21 is challenging you.. Ignore Accept)
-I hit Accept (If I hit IGNORE.... ASK ME IF IM SURE... IF I SAY YES DO NOT MAKE THE OTHER GUY WAIT. IF I didnt answer that question in 1 minute move on.)
- The server loads the game for each of us in a PVP linked LIVE battle
- Implement a new TIMER BASED TURN SYSTEM.
- ON EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TURN regardless of TEAM, the game resets and displays a 10 second timer, visible to BOTH parties
- if at any moment in time, the 10 second timer elapses, then the team that is currently in control has its AUTO PLAY button clicked on.
^ so if I am not paying attention and I let my phone screen turn off, or my connection drops, or I'm trying to make the other guy lose time, or any number of reasons something goes wrong, the other side is not penalized and worst case AI vs AI takes place, (Which is better then the current you auto lose if your game exits or you drop internet)
-Since auto play was just clicked on, my side will always act within 1 second of the timer, but I can just uncheck auto play and take control again.

This would allow the system to continue to primarily operate as is, and still introduce the very exciting and highly desired addition of LIVE PVP battles AAAAANDDDD THE ABILITY TO DEFEND YOU POSITION in the rankings.. because honestly its so easy to beat teams that are way more powerful then yours by employing SIMPLE LOGIC and STRATEGY when attacking.. when the reality is that you would never beat the actual user controlled team. so CMON EA ... this is VERY Doable and is not that massive of a change to the existing flow. If you did end up implementing it would also be effective as the backbone to a new PVP only system where players could simply challenge their friends by playerID


- ONLY ONE PERSON CAN CHALLENGE MY TEAM (so in other words as soon as someone clicks battle and the countdown is started.. from that point UNTIL BATTLE ENDS OR CANCEL is pushed it would consider the rank 4 team IN A BATTLE) (****** POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE OF THE SYSTEM EXISTS IF THE RANK 8 TEAM IS ALSO BLOCKED FROM BEING CHALLENGED eg, To hold 1st place I could challenge 2nd, cancel at 58 seconds rinse repeat. JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE)


  • As good as real time pvp sounds, when though through in detail for this sort of game, it is frought with severe problems with no satisfactory solutions.

    For instance, what if you're challenging me for a match and I can simply hold rank by selecting manual play but then simply leave the game unattended and not play while you try in vain to defeat my team beacuse you can't move because I never bothered to make a move?

    If win or lose can only be decided if 1 team is decisively defeated, I can hold rank by doing nothing.

    If winb or lose is decided by how many characters are left alive and how much overall average health percentage, there are also situations where I can abuse game mechanics by healing up while your team is heavily damaged but not bothering to make a move latter even though it is my turn to move and win by default by just dragging the timer.

    As good as RT pvp may sound, in practice it is too problematic for a non real time turn based game.
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    I wont even bother finishing to read your post. you clearly didnt read mine because your first "Example" of why it wouldnt work was fully covered in my post.
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