Concept idea: Ravager

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Pilot: Nihilus
  • This CS is really slow, but very effective
  • Ravager can't be destroyed, instead he loses 50% of his own speed. 100% the second time
  • Ravager inflicts DoT effects on allies. While suffering from damage, offense is boosted. Also while with DoT, ships can't be defeated - they revive with 10% health and gain stealth. Allied sith ships also gain foresight and healthsteal buff.
  • Allied ships are immune to healing immunity and start battle with retribution(that can't be dispelled), stealth and foresight. Sith Tank Taunts, Also sith allies assist each other (1 at a time)
  • basic: call ally and deal %dmg to that ally. This increases allies max health and ally deals additional dmg. Also, if this ally is a sith - call another sith ally to assist
  • special(smth like sith armada): call all allies to deal damage, sith ships assist 2 times
  • second special: remove all TM from enemies, increase colldowns and inflict buff immunity, healing immunity and grant allies healthsteal buff
  • Ultimate: deal 100% damage to health of all enemy ships (based on Nihilus's ability of 'eating' life)
  • unique buff for allies: 'hunger' - restore all health when defeat enemy, deal additional damage. If revived, restore 50% health and protection, but loose this buff
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