Who is this mod suitable for?


  • KRU would be a good choice. Any tank, really (except maybe Malak).
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    This mod has a very niche use. The stats defense and speed have contradictory purpose. You want defense to tank more hits. But the reason to have speed is to avoid being hit often in the first place.

    Tanks seldomly need speed. And for those who could make use of some speed (e.g. KRU, Zombie, FOST or Sion), critical avoidance is a much better choice.

    That being said, a Sith Empire Trooper (SET) might able to use this arrow. First, his unique amplifies the defense further more by 100%, second in some combination, it is beneficial to have a fast SET.
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  • Fives doesn't share defence when he dies so a health or protection primary is better on him. Or speed or offense, pretty much anything but the defence primary. The defence sets give him plenty of a boost to defence.
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