What teams for left over JMK requirements

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What team or teams should I used with my relic Mace, Aayla, QuiGon, Cody, Clone Saergent?
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  • I’d just throw them under Padme if you need a real B/C-team, with whatever Padme has left that isn’t under JMK (aka, JKA).
  • I ran Aayla and Qui-Gon under JKL in some of the TB Jedi missions. There's a special mission with GK, Clone Sarge, and Cody.
  • You can put Aayla under JKR and free up someone else (GMY or Hoda). If you have KAM, Qui Gon is an okay lead with some healers and supports. You can throw the three Jedi under Bastilla. Cody can take the 5th spot with bad batch if you don’t want to use Omega. Or throw any of them with Padme and JKA (as mentioned above). Or throw the five of them in the back row of GAC and cry when your opponent gets a 64.
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  • Aayla is surprisingly good. Make sure you have some potency and she'll stun lock opposing waves in LSTB. I actually run her under JMK to free up others from the team. Actually ended up moving her to R5 to be a little tankier.
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