Pls help. T7 C3PO


Can't beat T7 Protocol Droid even though I've seen much weaker squads beat the event.
What could be the problem?
Pls let me know.
Thanks in advance.


  • Should be pretty easy for you. You've got speed primary arrows on there? High potency on logray (>80%)

    Using wicket to stealth elder, keep calling elder with paploo to keep his turns coming. Focus chewy first. Have logray keep them all dazed.

    I did it with these guys years ago (top row)
  • crzydroid
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    If you post your gg link, we could help more. Showing a picture of mods doesn't help much if we can't see their stats.

    Though I will say Chirpa isn't really a damage dealer and could probably do with speed more than crit damage. And there's no reason at all Elder needs potency.
  • Just ran it a few times, and recall there was a lot of attempts to get lucky and then not target elder in the opening Salvo.

    If daze doesn't land on chewy just restart.
  • I did it with less gear, so it's absolutely doable with your ewoks.
    For the most part I just loaded all of them with fast mods - more turns is better in this event than hard hits, and only Wicket really needs to hit hard.

    Strategy was to just call elder to assist as much as possible really, he's your key to getting turn meter train rolling. Every basic hit he does, he has a chance to load himself and his squad with a bunch of turn meter, turning the ewoks into a weaker imperial trooper squad.
  • I just finished tier 7 a few days ago. I did it with 3 gear 11, 2 gear 10, and a gear 9, and only Chirpa's zeta. What finally did it was making them fast. I modded my entire team to be faster and that did it. I got Wicket to 200 and Logray to 180. The others were somewhere around 160. Also this event is crazy with rng, so you just have to do it a bunch of times. I ran it at least 20 times before I got lucky.
  • Thx all for the replies I will try the speed mods then.
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