Star Wars: Visions [SPOILERS]



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    Lop and ocho might honestly be my favorite, the final fight is my favorite because the music works so well and the final scene broke my heart
  • Saada
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    Only watched 3 so far and I like it. It's the typical over the top japanese anime mixed with the star wars universe.
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    Absolutely awful.

    Embarrassingly bad.
  • East_Rengaw
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    Twins was so bad I didn't even finish it. Why would he have an X-Wing? Why is his r-2 unit imparting yoda's teachings? Why is he standing on the nose of his X-Wing in space?

    Apart from that, a character yelling his internal thoughts to show what is happening is just bad storytelling.

    Are any of the episodes worth the time it takes to watch them?

    It's a bit unfortunate that Tatooine Rhapsody and The Twins feature so early. To me, they represented the low points of the collection and probably turned a lot of people off from Visions as a whole.

    If you are looking for something most in tune with existing Star Wars material, The Elder (episode 7) would be worth a watch. As a very casual anime watcher I also like 4 and 5 quite a bit, but if you don't like anime at all then you may not enjoy them as much.
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    I took a break from VISIONS because episode 2 and 3 really killed the mood for me

    Decided to watch a few and power through last night, and I'm glad I did

    The bride was great, The Ninth Jedi was so amazing I want this to be its own series someday, The Elder was great too, and I want this pair of Jedi to have its own series too

    Ninth Jedi is by far the most impressive and amazing one

    I have two more episodes left, so I'll watch them eventually, I wish the bad ones were placed at the end because episodes 2 and 3 were a turn-off
  • Xcien
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    After 2 and 3, I was considering not watching the rest, but I’m glad I chose to keep watching. The Village Bride was great, and the Ninth Jedi felt like the pilot episode of its own series. I’d already watched the Elder, which was a great episode as well, and Lop & Ocho was good, and the end of the episode both broke my heart while making me want to know how another episode would continue it. Episode 9 was okay.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
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    First one was good but they should have stopped then. Some of the others were poor. Twins was as of whoever produced it had no concept of Star Wars or even story telling.
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    The Ninth Jedi was so amazing I want this to be its own series someday


    I don't know why I didn't notice this discussion earlier, but I watched them all within 3 days of their release. Though I didn't like all of them, and a couple were fine diversions but wouldn't want to see continuing in the Star Wars universe, I immediately loved 9th Jedi and day one was in some other thread about hopes/expectations for other characters saying that I want an SWGOH 9th Jedi STAT.

    Still do.

    9th Jedi forever. May the full Season 1 come soon.
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    I think we should get the Ronin from Episode 1: The Duel in the game as a Meta!!!

    Ep 2 was ok, funny..

    Waiting to watch the rest as it's sort of a family thing :-)
    This is the Way
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    Got around to the final two episodes,

    Loc and Ocho was good stuff, but Arakiri was very impressive, it was a nice change of an ending, and I couldn't help but feel this is how Anakin / Padme would've ended if he won against Obi-Wan in Mustafar

    Overall, episode 2/3 really killed the vibe of binging this series, and I wish they were kept at the very end or so
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