Beginning swgoh

when i first started SWGOH was a little bit intimidated at first especially being at level.1 and seeing galactic war starting at level.40. i had tons of questions. especially one how to be GOOD at this game
now at level.70 i can understand why. the answer is pretty simple "it's a hard game" this game was not meant to be easy. one of the first things i did was start farming these 3 teams.
1. My phoenix squad(at first i thought they were over rated, turns out they are one of the best teams throughout SWGOH, you can use them from level 10 to level 85)
2. My separatist squad(this team is very essential to SWGOH, and not only that but also a very powerful team) the main separatists you should farm are Nute Gunray,Count dooku,asajj ventress,and a couple geonosians because they are considered separatists.
3. and finally this team takes longer to farm and get but My Scoundrel team(very powerful takes a little bit longer to get but worth it)this team consists of lando calrissian,Boba fett, Storm.Han solo, bossk,and any other rebel or bounty hunter you choose, because this was for the person reading this

I really hope this helps you and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS!


  • Solid advice, but it's only the beginning steps. Phoenix and Seps are a good place to start, along with having a good BH/Scoundrel team for the heists. However, upon getting to level 85, you should start to broaden your inventory. Phoenix will begin to, if not already, start to lose much of it's effectiveness, and you'll need to move on to better teams. The same is true for Separatists. At this point, it's best to start farming your legendaries and journey characters such as Thrawn, Palpatine, Padme, R2D2, and others. Eventually, you'll want to set your eyes on the Galactic Legends, which will require most of the legendaries & journey characters. As far as which legendary to go for first, CLS or Padme will be your two best choices to begin. CLS, C3PO, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Threepio/Chewie is one of the best and most versatile non-GL teams out there, and can help you towards going for JKL, and eventually JML. Padme, JKA, GK, C3PO, and Ahsoka is another very strong team, which can help you get ready for GAS, and eventually JMK or LV. With Phoenix, Seps, and Bounty Hunters, you have the foundation laid. Now its time to build upon that foundation.

    Good Luck
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