Lord Vader lead bugged versus nute gunray

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noticed this interaction in GAC and was able to replicate it in squad arena. under LV lead, RG shouldn't be taking %health damage from nute gunray's extortion correct? have all the zetas and whatnot. would post a video but can't attach it to the post
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  • hopefully this provides more detail
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    The same issue exists in DS geo - where the team is being 1 shot by Padme’s courage mechanic.
    Unless I’m mistaken above 35% health under a LV lead allies are immune to max health based abilities. Which includes extortion, courage and expose. But all 3 bypass this. So this is not specific to just Nute.

    There was no Dev response to that so let’s see if you get one now.
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    I can’t embed this but here is RG being hit for over 700k, around 610k of which is down to a courage/max health based attack. And RG is at 100%.

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