which is the best character for you ...

which is the best character for you on each category? healers, tanks, attackers.etc


  • Luminara is my best Healer. She is good at Nuking as well
  • Tough call. Lum or Lando. Lando can team drain/clear with DD.
  • Royal Guard, across the board. B) He found out he was force-sensitive and joined the Shadow Guard as a dark healer. >:)
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  • Damage wise Lumi, but I probably value my sid the most since there's at least 1 or 2 jedis in most teams.
  • Rolf
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    Healer: Consular
    Attacker: Probably Lumi over Sid by a bit since she also heals
    Tank: All mine suck, so Chewie
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  • I'm becoming a big fan of Captain Phasma myself. I love the ability to assist in attacking annoying characters like Dooku and nothing is more satisfying than one shotting the other teams top damage dealer in the first rounds of attacking!
  • Hard to pick just one. I just finished in the top spot and I needed all 5 of my guys to do it.
  • healer : consular and lumi
    attaker: resistance pilot, he really hits hard
    tank: I only have chewie, Im thinking about switching to another one
  • Best overall for me is Ackbar. Hits great for support. If any ONE person has a debuff he clears it and it heals everyone. If there is more than one debuff on the group it's a great heal. Maybe best in the game? I've had it hit for nearly 3k once. There were so many debuffs on Han and the group lol
  • Tiggerz
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    Haters gonna Hate but...Barriss sits in my leader position in almost every game. Even at 4 stars, she's still one of the best toons I own. And thats with Sid @ 6*
    Damage wise Lumi, but I probably value my sid the most since there's at least 1 or 2 jedis in most teams.

    This right here is a QFT. While Lumi's ability block is powerful against other healers, Sid is purpose built to take them out. If he dies in GW, I know I'm going to have an annoying experience with whatever I sub for him.

    As for tanks? Chewie. Even though I use BF for Arenas, Chewie is in every PvE team I can put him in. He just...eats damage.
  • I've evolved into attackers mainly with an occasional healer at times. I've never had much interest in tanks.
  • What do you think about fives as a tank?
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