New TW matchmaking

This new matchmaking is working wonders

we : 13 rey, 16 slkr, 16 jml, 14 see, 9 jmk.
them : 32 rey, 34 slkr, 27 jml, 28 see, 21 jmk


  • Yup. We just pulled that. TW matchmaking is broken worse than before.
  • Same, our guild has 99 GL's going up against a guild with just shy of 200. It's been this way every TW since the change.
  • Terrible TW match, make match always with a guild so much more powerfull... Have no chance.
  • Yep broke doesn’t begin to describe it. Last 4 tw’s first two guilds had 100 more gl’s than we did an then 3rd battle we had the 100 gl advantage an now this last match we are again undermanned almost 100
    Gls. Not to mention the 1k more g13s they have, 500 more 25+ spd mods, 40 executors to our 16, and their 45 kams to our 0…but looks like even match to me. What do u guys think?
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