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[Developer Insights - Kit Reveal]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Fennec Shand, the notorious bounty hunter and assassin, has taken jobs across the galaxy and worked for the most vile criminal syndicates. She now makes her way to the Holotables!

Below is some more information, strategy tips and insights on Fennec Shand - straight from the devs that helped bring her to the game.

The Basics:
  • Even though she has a Leader ability, Fennec is primarily meant to work alone or as a sidekick - a very helpful one - to Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) and other Bounty Hunter and/or Scoundrel units.
  • Fennec is an excellent facilitator for Bounty Hunter contracts, Mando’s “Whistling Birds” and other such abilities that she helps make more useful by dealing multiple instances of damage and speeding up their progress.

Unique Attributes:
  • Fennec is a rare unit, in which her Leader ability is actually better with fewer units in her squad.
  • If Fennec has “Seasoned Veteran” (earned via her Payout), her Basic and Special abilities gain additional effects.
  • Another interesting twist to Fennec’s kit is that her new debuff “Overconfident” applies to allies and actually works more as a buff, given it helps her squad in battle.
  • Bounty Hunters typically help each other fulfill contracts, but with Fennec, Scoundrel allies such as The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) also help her fulfill her contract.

  • This version of the character encompasses her time both on Bad Batch and on The Mandalorian. This is why she starts off with “Overconfident” (her brash, youthful self) and ends up with Seasoned Veteran (the Fennec Shand we saw in The Mandalorian)
  • Her Basic is inspired by the hand-to-hand combat she gets into during the Bad Batch (against Wrecker and Cad Bane in particular).
  • “I Don’t Miss” is taken from her Mandalorian appearances, where she is a master markswoman with her sniper rifle.
  • Her Leader Ability “Lone Fox” is a nod to the “lone wolf” archetype. In her appearances she’s generally been a one-woman show, and this Leader ability is actually more powerful the fewer allies you bring with her in battle.

Strategy Tips:
  • Fennec’s allies lose “Overconfident” when The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) cleanses debuffs, which can lead to Fennec gaining significant amounts of Turn Meter.
  • She has a leader ability, but...Fennec works better as part of a team, not necessarily the leader. However, her leader can be helpful in situations in which a less-than-full squad is desirable.

  • Why didn’t “Overconfident” apply to all Scoundrel allies when I used “I Don’t Miss”?
    • Be mindful; if all Dark Side Scoundrels didn’t already have it, then Light Side Scoundrels won’t get it.
  • Why does her Basic hit five different times?
    • Beskar Mando’s Whistling Birds, and certain other Bounty Hunter contracts, become active more quickly with separate instances of damage. Her kit was designed to help in those situations.
  • Does an enemy clearing debuffs on Fennec and her allies also count towards fulfilling her contract?
    • Yep! If the enemy side has a Vader or Boba Fett, their debuff clearing antics will help you.
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