Game Crash during JMK tier 1 event

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My game has crashed a total of 3 times during the tier 1 event. Twice yesterday and once today. The crash happened either during the cinematic or when the Magnaguards do their AoE. This resulted in me losing out on 45 tickets. My game doesn't crash in any other content of this game, just with JMK. I'm not putting a ticket in for EA Help because according to reddit and a thread in the past with Rey, it would be pointless.
Kyno, you commented about this a year or 2 ago with someone else's thread and it seems this is still a problem for some people. Widespread or not, this should be looked into, I wasted 3 100 crystal refreshes trying to unlock JMK and my progress is slowed during tier 1.
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  • Everyone in my guild had 1 crash on the T1 event. It's a bug but not one that is mentioned much. Only happened once to everyone i've talked to. Three times is terrible.
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    The only way it will be looked into is if you report it to the proper places/people.

    You can reach out to EA Help,as some have gotten some offers of crystals for the inconvenience.
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