Help me focus!

So decided to build up toward SLKR. Doing well with farming up a serviceable FO team and my ships are dark side and starting to add some BH ships. Do I just keep dumping gear into the lower tier FO or should I focus on building up some other teams?

I've started to level up some BH for credit heist and ships and I was going to work toward JKR and DR. Also have some Empire characters started... So just want some help so I don't lose focus on what I should be working towards?

I also have some Jedi I could level to get Yoda and help with JKR.


  • Hey . if you are f2p i would suggest you keep the grind on ships and you could focus on GEOS to get some wat shards. Maybe build a bit of padme team while you are on that too and get ready for GAS after you finish SLKR . Jedi revan is not that bad of a farm either . But first i would suggest you to get your 5 first order to relic (my opinion KRU .Kylo. HUX. Sith trooper .and maybe officer or execut)
  • Thanks. I'll focus on the relics for my A team then likely move on to Jedi for Yoda and JKR
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