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“ Every Tuesday from now through December 28, you can expect reveals of new items inspired by everything from The Book of Boba Fett, premiering exclusively on Disney+ December 29, and The Mandalorian to classics like the Skywalker saga films, animated series including Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars: Visions, and much more.”

Will Galaxy of Heroes be a part of this?


  • ... I think it's an impossiblity that it won't.
    They've just released Fennec Shand, a bridging character between The Mandalorian and The Book Of Boba Fett. There is definitely going to be new game content based on the new show - a new Boba character is all but certain. I've told my guild to maybe get the current Boba up to g12 if they can as he might be required for some unlocks or something; probably will need to be reliced, though.
    It's all going to be about Scoundrels for the next few months - Light and Dark, Smugglers and Bounty Hunters.
  • Kyno
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    I imagine to some extent yes, but I dont see them pushing something out each week.
  • Thanks for sharing. Love the Black Series and have to think something new will be coming on that front.
  • @Stenun original boba is already an executor requirement, unlikely they would gate him at r9 as that’s the only step higher.
  • Ultra
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    Maybe SWGOH might have a tie-in at week 10
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