Need help getting 7* Palpatine

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edited October 2021
I need Palpatine to get to 7* so I can power him up and use him to get R2-D2 to 7* too, my current team just isn’t capable so I need to know what to add.

Luke (farmboy) - lvl 75, 7*, gear lvl 8
ST Han - lvl 73, 7*, gear lvl 8
Old Ben - lvl 70, 7*, gear lvl 8
Ezra - lvl 75, 7*, gear lvl 7
Hera - lvl 70, 7*, gear lvl 8

is my current team, which is just about capable of killing Vader but struggles from that point.

What else can I add/change to get 7* Palp? is my account for anyone wanting to look.


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