“Notifications” screen lacks a “no” option

Over the past months, a window has started popping up in game asking us to turn on notifications. The only interface options are “remind me later” and “turn on notifications”.

I kinda vaguely may remember having seen this window once or twice over the years, but it has started popping up much more frequently over the past months. I haven’t actually tracked the rate, but it “feels like” it is popping up several times a day, accompanied by bursts of mild irritation that have added up to the point where I find myself driven to make a feedback post :-)

Please look into adding a “no, I don’t want notifications” option. Or reducing the frequency of the pop-up. Or just making it go away for experienced players who have had the opportunity to make deliberate choices about their interactions with the game.


(Also, I really love the increased number of mods viewable in the new interface for iPhones and iPads, although there’s something wonky about the font sizing in the mod-stat display on the right-hand side of the screen)
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