Maul’s Seething Rage “subsequent uses” clarification

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Maul’s seething rage says:
Each time this ability is used, it deals 60% more damage on subsequent uses and increases by an additional 60% until Maul uses a different ability during his turn.

I get the 2nd part, and my Maul behaves like I’d expect: each attack in a row adds damage so after 5 attacks he’s hitting for 80k+ damage. What I don’t get is the 1st part with “subsequent uses”. I had assumed that meant Seething Rage would get a permanent 60% damage buff after each use that doesn’t reset when a different ability is used between Seething Rage uses. Instead, Maul always does the same damage on the first attack (e.x. Always ~8500 with 2 stacks of anguish after using AoE).

Should Maul’s damage be stacking between “bursts” or am I misunderstanding the “subsequent uses” part?
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  • Think you’re misunderstanding.
  • Probably. That’s why i’m asking for clarification 😄

    I’m not seeing the different between the 1st and 2nd phrases in stacking damage. If all of it resets when a different ability is used, why are they called out as stacking differently?
  • Had to wake up my 3rd brain cell, but I get it now. The description isn’t calling out 2 different types of stacking, it’s all the same +60% per attack until as different ability is used.

    Carry on, nothing to see here
  • Wait, now I’m confused. How does it work?
  • TargetEadu wrote: »
    Wait, now I’m confused. How does it work?

    I think if you use 5 times, I think the increase goes: 60%, 60%^2, 60%^3, 60%^4, 60%^5
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  • Btw ^ means to the power of
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  • I don’t have him unlocked yet, so I can’t test, but typically increases are additive not multiplicative. In other words:
    A: 100%, 160%, 220%, 280%, 340%
    Not B: 100%, 160%, 256%, 410%, 655%

    I believe it’s worded how it is because if it just said this: “Each time this ability is used, it deals 60% more damage on subsequent uses”, that could be interpreted as: 100%, 160%, 160%, 160%, 160%.
  • They could probably word it something like "Each consecutive use deals +60% more damage, up to +240%, resettiing when another ability is used"
  • So it’s like Nest? The bonus given increases with each successive use, but they all fall away after a different ability’s used?
  • I think I found the real answer and figured I’d throw it here in case anyone was interest. TLDR: the ability does exactly what it says (shocker 🤣). The modifier growth is basically the same as how Nest’s stacking protection works.

    Per, Seething Rage itself has a base damage modifier of 0. It gains a 0.6 modifier on the first use, the next attack takes the previous modifier and adds a bonus of 0.6 for each consecutive attack taken. That translates to 0.6 on the 1st attack, 1.2 (0.6 + 0.6x1) on the 2nd, 2.4 (1.2 + 0.6x2) on the 3rd, 4.1 (2.4 + 0.6x3) on the 4th, and 6.5 (4.1 + 0.6x4) on the 5th.

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