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  • CCyrilS
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    May 18: Ability Material Omicrons still no drops for me at hint and exclusively farming for Admiral Ackbar. Is there a published table of drop rates in SWgoh?

    No, but I can tell you the Drop rate on that node is 0%.

    Edit: NVM, I assumed you meant an akbar character node, but I realize there isn't one (so not sure why you mentioned it) to be sure, you are farming relic mat nodes, correct?
  • CCyrilS
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    But farming at least 21 days ALL cantina energy and not a single one is ****. 21 days * [(24 hour * 5/hour) + 45 bonus/day]= 3465/21 days =165/16 cantina energy per attempt= 10.3125 attempts per day * 21 days= 216.5625 total attempts . If it were 1%, 2 should be average. If 0.5% then I should expect 1 every 19.4 days on average. So we will see.

    It could be lower. Probably is.
  • Since they released the omis I’ve farmed relic mats with 3 cantina refreshes every single day Except for the dash, Kyle & talon farm. Not sure how many tries in total that is but I’ve got 1 omi in all those tries. So basically don’t hold your breath on that droprate.
  • NYIM
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    I got about 19 omis (maybe more where I didn‘t made a printscreen) from cantina since launch, this with 3 refreshes a day. So dropp rate is realy low, but on the other side I have about 1300 from every signal data relic mats now and I reliced several chars in the last month.
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