Stuns not counting towards the sector 5 feat

i just ran two battles with first order in sector five are got approx. 8 stuns but only 1 has been registered towards the sector feat. is this a known bug? has anyone else encountered this?


  • Xcien
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    Were they locked stuns?
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Vendi1983
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    Shouldn't matter. That was "fixed" during the Conquest 7-9 run.

    From September 15 Content Update:

    EVENT - Stun from Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's "Stasis Strike" now counts toward the Sector 3 Feat "Stunning Tactics”
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    But I think he is right! You have to take it word by word. They didn't say it was for sector 5, so stop blaming them! And also they are enjoying there well deserved weekend!
  • Same issue, just did a battle with SLKR, KRU, and OG Kylo. I stunned 12 times and ended the battle with a count of 3 on the feat. I know I got 1 with KRU, and OG did his special 4 times, with SLKR doing his special 7 times. It seems like it's not just SLKR missing credit.
  • There are characters that have certain conditions attached to their stuns, which can mess with the "attempt" wording of the feat. OG Kylo has to have full health, for example.

    Still, SLKR should count, as should Padmé. But I'm really low on that counter despite using JML/JKL, FO, and GR teams several times.
  • Fair point about OG Kylo, I had forgotten that stipulation.
  • Just use jedi revan with shaak ti jolee aayla and general kenobi

    Just keep calling aayla to assist
  • Yeah this too is bugged, but now I’ve given up on CG completely. Their flaws on handling conquest alone are too many to count so I guess this is just business as usual.
  • I’ve been fighting through the tables using whatever squads work best, ignoring feats until I’ve cleared that board. Then look at progress and make a team that maximizes the progress, run that team 3-4 times back to back to get the feat.

    So for sector 2’s armor shred feat, I made a team of GAS, Moff Gideon, Sabine, and Zaalbar. Added R2 because I still needed some stealths, too. Only used each Armor Shred ability once per go, but still somehow got 6 per run (I figure GAS doing two attacks when he did his counted as two attacks, but that would bring my total to 5, not 6 🤷🏼‍♂️). Took 4 runs, but that wasn’t a ton of energy considering my other teams were waiting for stamina to replenish.

    For the stun feat, get as many as you can, then do a team with Jedi Knife Luke and Emperor Palpatine, get 10 per go.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • Every feat & fight is possible. But with the copious amount of bugs each conquest you’re never certain that the team you select will work as intended. And with the decreased room for error with each conquest it’s just so soul destroying to engage with this mess and see yet another wasted energy and stamina down the drain.
    The lesson for CG would be ease up on the requirements until they know they don’t introduce more bugs but instead they do the complete opposite each conquest. And of course they sell the Passes for the players to try to mitigate the fustercluck, thus reducing the incentive for CG to actual improve quality assurance.
  • BinBetter
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    Figured I would chime in with another confirmation that this is indeed a bug. I've used SLKR to front the IR characters and open with Stasis Strike and have not got any stuns for that to count towards the feat. At least JKLS is working.

    EDIT: Looks like it may be intermittent, I just did another run and hit Sabine and it counted. Maybe that's the ticket, you have to hit Sabine :)
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