Active Guilds Looking For Players -November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Are you an active player? Did you get kicked out of a guild for no reason? Does everyone say your roster "isn't good enough" do you need a guild with no judgement and no crazy rules? Join us. We're a new guild looking to grow fast. Our officers have plenty of experience. We need to know you are a serious player so 2 mil minimum. If you don't quite meet requirements listed and think you're still a good fit, drop a comment and we'll chat with you on discord and see if you're in the right place. We have Discord and support from a larger guild.

    Our officers
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    Are you gearing up for the Profundity or Executor and need r9 and r8 materials? Going after Jabba the Hutt, JMK, Lord Vader, or other GLs? Want Wat shards and are able to help get KAM shards? Then come join Wookie Insights today if you're an ACTIVE player! We have one spot open!

    What We Offer You
    💥 303+ million GP
    💥 30+ Wat shards
    💥 5-7 KAM shards
    💥 30⭐ in DS Geo TB, 16⭐ in LS Geo TB
    💥 Almost 100 GLs as a guild, 21 Executors
    💥 CPIT on farm
    💥 15-hour join period for heroic raids
    💥 Can now earn R9 in TWs
    💥 Fun, very active community (been together 3+ years)
    💥 Independent guild, no big alliance oversight
    💥 Competitively casual, won't force you into anything
    💥 We have HotUtils enabled
    💥 Discord:
    💥 More details:

    What We are Looking For
    🔷 ACTIVE player who will earn at least 400 tickets a day (illness/family issues are obviously exceptions)
    🔷 Willing and able to at least deploy in all TWs and TBs
    🔷 Must use Discord
    🔷 Minimum of 5 million GP
    🔷 You must consistently be able to earn KAM shards or be willing to remod to do so
    🔷 2 GL on roster is preferred, but will accept if you have 1 GL and are working towards a 2nd GL or Executor and are close to unlocking
    🔷 Good attitude and team-oriented

    If you want to help pick up KAM shards, need Wat shards, want help farming for GLs, want to clear CPIT, and want to be part of a fun, active guild, come join Wookie Insights today!

    Message me on Discord for more details! My username is nosecomplaint#1359
    NoseComplaint, Wookie Insights Leader
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    Foundlings of Mándalore want you! Foundlings of Mándalore is part of the four guild Ka'Ra Syndicate which allows players to grow & advance as their roster develops! Foundlings is open All accounts & has no GP requirement this guild is meant for newer players to be able to develop their rosters & learn from others as we all share one discord. If interested please see below discord!
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    2 guilds with open spots!

    We are a group of 2 guilds that are looking to fill a couple of spots. Here is the individual info for each guild:

    Ahsokas Day Spa:
    -Ticket reset: 8:30pm EST (Daily ticket MINIMUM: 540)
    -Sith Raid start: 8:30pm EST (with 24 hour join period)
    -Overall GP: 280 mil
    -CPit: 4th phase, 50% completed
    -Discord is Mandatory
    -Minimum GP: 4.5-5 mil (Open to lower IF a solid focused roster)
    -Geo TB only

    Reborn Scoundrels:
    -Ticket reset: 6:00pm EST (Daily ticket MINIMUM: 400)
    -Sith Raid start: 6:00pm EST (24 hour join period)
    -Overall GP: 170 mil
    -Discord is Mandatory
    -Minimum GP: 3.5 mil (Open to lower IF a solid focused roster)
    -Geo TB only

    Reach out and message me personally and I would love to answer any questions! Ally Code 194-881-282
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    If you are looking for a more casual group that still achieves, check out the Blue Harvest (286M GP). We run LS (11 ⭐️ s) and DS (26 ⭐️ s) TBs and are on the verge of cracking the CRancor. We’re a fun group and try to help each other out. We’re mostly laidback and don’t require remodding for events. And—if at any time— you decide you want more focused gameplay, challenges, and rewards, you can move between the Blue Harvest and our allied guild, Tuppaca's Deathfall.

    Requirements: (Non-Negotiable)
    • Join Discord server
    • TB (at least 50% participation each event)
    • Daily raid ticket contribution
    • Drop a note in Discord when going to be absent
    • A desire to help out and have fun

    Recommended: (Negotiable)
    • 3+ GLs
    • 5+ mil GP
    • Active in Discord
    • LSTB focused and KAM ready!
    • Executor
    • 600 daily raid ticket contribution

    Guild Info:

    Allied Guild Info:

    Join our Discord for more!
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    Want to chase the meta at your own pace? Want to have fun playing SWGOH?

    RebelLetsGo is a 220M GP EST active, relaxed and independent guild.

    We are a chill family friendly guild with many IRL friends, family members and just awesome people worldwide.
    RLG has been around for years with low turnover.
    Our positive and supportive environment attracts former competitive players, mid-game and newer players with GP from 1.5M to 8M.
    Both F2P and P2P members are welcomed.

    We go to battle, get rewards and have fun.

    • DSGEOS- 17* and 15+ Wat shards
    • LSGEOS-8*
    TW: we win >80% and punch above our GP with a low stress strategy

    • All Heroic Raids
    • 24 hour sign up. Raids start at 5:30 pm EST and 6:30 pm EDT
    • Cpit—working on P2

    • No Drama
    • Be positive and supportive of all members
    • Don’t throw a tantrum if we miss a star or preload TM. Relax; we will get it next time
    • Discord not required- mostly used for youtube how to, strategy, memes and general chit chat
    • No minimum daily tickets: Try to log on every day, but we know real life gets in the way
    • Deploying and participating in TB and TW is appreciated
    • No hard min GP required, but 1.5M allows you to contribute to most events
    • Farm what you like
    • Enjoy the game and have fun

    If this sounds like your next guild, contact me:

    Jace Nebula (recruiter)
    ally code: 897-161-841
    (my response might be delayed, as I actually have a job and life outside of SWGOH, but I will respond)

    No merger or alliance request.

    (RLG graphic created by guild member JPComics)
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    Echoes in the Force

    We want to play smartly within our available time, without stress or burnout.
    Challenge Pit is on farm! We want players to make it easier for everyone.

    You should have:
    - A focused roster with 4M+ GP
    - At least 1 GL (JMK preferred)
    - Motivation to deal high damage in Challenge Pit
    - Players with KAM, WAT and CPit teams are preferred
    - Willingness to be part of a great guild
    - A desire to play and win smartly

    Canada/US/Europe guild. 225M GP.
    Challenge Pit is on farm!
    Raids generally start around 12:00 EST. We sim Pit and Haat.
    DS Geo TB (26 stars - 40 WAT shards) and LS Geo TB (13 stars - 15 KAM shards). Full TB participation is expected.
    TW participation is optional. TW win ratio over 85%.

    If you want to join, visit our recruitment chat on discord:
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    Galaxy of Galactic Padawans, 183M GP, All Heroic Raids, discord: 7ptVseU

    Looking for new players right now!

    If you're looking for a friendly and awesome guild, look no further!

    About us:

Part of an alliance of guilds (Lazy Chiss Warriors), we are 46 players at 183M GP with 3 heroic raids on farm. You can expect a very friendly, helpful atmosphere with active chat in-game and on discord, including our alliance discord (optional). We have a mix of new players and the alt accounts of long-time players.

    Raiding — 3 Heroic Raids, auto-launched when we have tickets, staggared to avoid overlap. (Not finishing C-Pit)

    • HPit & HAAT SIMmed @7:30 PM EST (North America) Also Guild reset time
    • HSTR @8:00 AM EST

    LS Hoth — 40 ⭐️, ~29 ROLO Shards
    LS Geo — 8 ⭐️
    DS Geo — 19 ⭐️, ~18 Wat Shards
    TW — ~80% wins

    About you:

    ~ 2.5+ M + GP
    - 450 to 600 raid tickets daily
    - Discord

    If interested or you have questions, please join our discord:

    We look forward to hearing from you!
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    DATHOMIR - An Independent TB- and TW focused Guild

    We are seeking dedicated players with focus and a good sense of fun - We are an easy going group where you dont have to worry about others pulling their weight. We enjoy streaming gameplay and sharing knowledge, helping others succeed and finding their own path to greatness!

    What we offer:
        ⁃    TB Focused Guild; 33 stars in DS. 31 stars in LS. 
        ⁃    400 mil GP
        ⁃    Veteran Officers and Leadership always willing and able to help guide and direct players. We are an eclectic mix of USA and EU members, our reset times are 0:30 UTC / 19:30 EST

    Raid times of  20:00 UTC / 15:00 EST and 01:00 UTC/ 20:00 EST

    What we look for in a New Member:
        ⁃    Semi-Hard Core players focused on new and upcoming content 
        ⁃    TB focused.  60+ waves 
    ⁃ Willing to take TW serious, this means investing in high level TW teams and get good offensive banners
        ⁃    Unlocked 3+ GL's
        ⁃    Daily Discord and in-game activity 
        ⁃    Participation in all Guild Events
        ⁃    Minimum of 7.0 mil GP
        ⁃    Focused on High-Gear Squads required for TW and TB.

    Stop by our server or contact us directly on Discord: TK421#9413 or KCrocks (Dathomir)#1825

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    Mutineers without fears

    Two spaces …low turnover of players

    305mil gp.....Friendly, competitive very active guild.

    Rules…Play daily. TW and TB and Discord mandatory

    Cpit on farm….come and earn those r8 mats

    Geo Tbs….DS 31* LS 21*

    Good tw strategy and record

    A focused roster is more important than GP but you must be Kam mission ready

    Contact me on here, in game or discord
    Obi Dan 949-699-318

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    Darth Reapers -
    We are an active guild looking to add 3 new members to our ranks to replace a couple retirees.
    Active Guild GP - ~348 – 7M ave GP
    TW mandatory
    SIM Rancor and Tank.
    HSith has a 24hr join period and then is FFA.
    CPIT - Free for All - On Farm
    GEO TB – 17 Light side, 30 Dark Side
    35+ Wat Shards, Beginning to focus on KAM ~3 Shads
    6 Million Minimum GP to join, with min 1 GL.
    My ally code is : 259-118-912
    Discord : Gage#1067

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    Somos un gremio familiar de amigos, con miembros de todo el continente. Argentina, Venezuela, EEUU, Mexico, por nombrar algunos. Jugamos todos los dias, todos los eventos. Hacemos GAC en grupo cuando los horarios coinciden. Ayudamos a jugadores nuevos y no tan nuevos con Mods/ equipos/ personajes para estar todos al mismo nivel.

    Actualmente tenemos 132M PG. 42/50 miembros activos.
    LSTB 3*
    DSTB 10*

    Chat del gremio por Whatsapp
    Manejamos bots y reuniones en discord
    Comunicate con nosotros mandando un MP o por nuestras redes.

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    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 358m

    Geo LSTB: 25/36 (20+ KAM Shards)
    Geo DSTB: 33/33 (40+ Wat Shards)
    Hoth LSTB: 45/45
    Hoth DSTB: 48/48

    HPIT: 19:00 BST (on sim)
    HAAT: 20:00 BST (on sim)
    CPIT: 21:00 BST (on farm)
    HSTR: 22:00 BST (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    The Brōtherhood of Darkness is an independent guild primarily focussed on Territory Wars & R9 mats, with secondary focus on Territory Battles & the Challenge Rancor raid

    We are now recruiting players with a minimum GP of 5m, preferably with 3+ Galactic Legends, who are ready to compete with a very active, friendly & fun guild, whilst grabbing some R9 mats at the same time!
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    LuckE1 we’re a causal guild hoping to shore up our numbers.

    Guild Name: LuckE1
    146million GP
    Full Heroic Raids
    Not quite ready for Crancor
    LS Geo TB - peaked at 7 stars currently 5 after the culling
    DS Geo TB - 12 stars and 14 Wat shards(negligible change post purge)
    TW- win rate 75-85%

    There aren’t any hard and fast rules just participate in TW/TB, and let us know about any game downtime.
    We’re looking for causal players looking to escape the grind but still enjoy the game, we’re not going to dictate your farming
    We’ve accrued a group of players that like what we’ve got going and want to continue building upon that.

    Right now Luck E1 is hoping to add 10 players and will try to accommodate as needed, feel free to message.
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    Fortress of Sol-itude
    262+ Million GP
    49/50 members
    reset time 6 PM PST, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST UTC/GMT 01:00
    HPIT (sim), HAAT (sim), HSTR - when tickets available. Challenge Pit - when tickets available.
    LSTB - 45 stars
    GDSTB - 26 stars (high water mark)
    GLSTB - 12 stars (high water mark)
    We win the vast majority of our TW. (90%+)
    2800 tickets per week requirement.
    expected to contribute to TB (deployment at least) & TW
    2 million GP minimum to join. Be active and eager.

    Join us at Fortress of Sol-itude! We are an active but easy going guild with supportive members. We are Pacific Standard time zone based. We run Dark Side & LS Geonosis full time.

    We do not use discord or any form of outside communication.

    We all care about the game but don't take it TOO seriously. Try us out and see if we're your speed.

    Message me here on the forums or in game for more information.

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    .GG Link:

    Revanites Descendants
    327M GP
    125 GLs on deck

    Looking for 2 Active members

    6M+ GP preferred
    Multiple GLs would be nice

    No Alliance, No mercing
    No daily ticket quotas/No sweatshop
    No Forced Farms
    No Nonsense

    Guild Goals:
    1. Increasing LS Geo TB star count
    2. Stabilizing our guild GP for the gaurenteed droid brains.
    (Last war was full 50/50 joiners!)

    We are currently 50/50 but we can make room.
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    • 275m+ GP
    • LS Geo (13 stars, 6 KAM shards)
    • DS Geo (26 stars, 30 Wat shards)
    • 90%+ TW Win Rate
    • 65+ GLs

    MandalorianxKnights is a casually competitive guild that has been around since the start of SWGOH. At least half of our members have been here for 5+ years. We pride ourselves on having an easy-going community that still maintains a level of competitive push towards advancing in the game. We don’t mandate ticket counts, but we do actively push our folks to do better.

    Raids : HPit and HAAT simmed, HSTR on Farm. CPit on Farm. Raids are typically 7-9pm EST. CPit kicks off Friday evenings.

    Minimum requirements to join:
    • 4m GP with a focused roster.
    • At least 1 GL
    • At least 1 CPit Capable team
    • Participation in all guild activities
    • Discord and an SWGOH.GG account

    Our guild Discord hosts a lively community of experienced and kyber level players who always want to help each other be better in any area we can help. We have an extensive catalog of mods, guides, and bots to help folks along the way. Most of all, we just want folks who will be active contributors and long-term members of the guild. It’s a game after all! Have some fun while we take over the galaxy.

    If you're interested, join our recruitment Discord to chat with some of our officers. That link is here:
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    Cadet Academy is looking for 2 active players to join our guild to replace some individuals who are moving on. If attractive recruitment graphics are important to you then we may not be the guild you're looking for. But if you want a fun, effective guild that will help you grow then keep reading.

    This is us

    What we are
    • 313M GP guild
    • Majority in the USA but we have members globally
    • All raids with 24hr join period
    • Cpit on farm
    • DS Geo TB 30*, 35+ Wat shards
    • LS Geo TB 18* 5-7 KAM shards
    • TW is encouraged but not mandatory - but if you join, you play
    • Tickets are not something we ride hard but expect daily participation so they should come

    Who we are
    We're a semi-hardcore guild who is all about participation and activity. We have an active discord and joining is a must! Our members range from 9.3M to 3.4M GP and we have 102 GLs.

    Who are you?
    • Ideally 3.5m GP+, but if that's not quite you lets talk
    • Ideally 2 GLs, but if you only have 1 lets talk
    • Ready to join our discord - you don't have to be chatty but it's how we communicate
    • Driven!!! We want players with a plan to grow and get better doing the best for themselves and the guild. We don't care if you're heavy LS, DS or you're just an unaligned force user we just need you to be pushing to always improve and grow

    If you're unsure if you fit our requirements but you want to talk, lets discuss it. We're not strict on our expectations if it's the right person. Team fit is much more than your galactic power.

    Reach out in game or through discord, find me at
    Jedi Training DJ#9432 in discord
    or try this charming guy
    cris p Bacon#9243

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    **Child of Gray** - Part of the Potentium Order Alliance
    We have 1 spot available currently 306M GP. We are friendly and active, looking for someone who can participate in all guild events.

    + Requires 600 tickets/day.
    + Requires experienced participation in every phase of both TB/TW.
    + Exclusively running Geo TB.
    + 33+ Stars DS Geo TB (30+ Wat shards) / 18-22 stars LS Geo TB
    + SIM HPit, HAAT & runs and clears H-Sith, C-Pit
    + Raids start 8:00pm US EST (00:00 UTC) with 24hr. Join period.
    + Guild reset 6:30pm US EST (23:30 UTC).
    + Discord required.
    + accounts required.
    + FOCUS: KAM/Wat shards and building Challenge Rancor Squads.
    + We are looking for active players.

    Check out our discord landing pad if you are interested / for more information
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    ⚔️ Part of the DarkSaber Alliance ⚔️
    Multiple spots available! WeAreRogue is an active, friendly 170m GP guild that understands the balance between progression and real life. There are currently 12 openings... So bring your friends with you!

    What do you get? (These numbers are subject to change, as we are constantly improving!)
    ✳️ hRancor, hAAT, and hSith on farm!
    ✳️ LS Hoth: 35+ stars ☑️ DS Geo: 15+ stars ☑️ 10+ Wat shards ☑️
    ✳️ Very competitive in TW, with officer guidance on strategy!
    ✳️ 4.4m GP average | ~35% of members have a GL

    ✳️ Flexible GP requirements! 4m+ is preferred, but we are very flexible, just hit me up and I'll talk to you some more about your roster and GP! We have players less than 1m and more than 7m GP, so don't worry that you won't have a place with us! (Wat ready and/or cPit ready are big bonuses at any level)
    ✳️ Active player - we are all trying to grow here! No hard ticket requirements, we prefer to ask that you do your best to get your 600.
    ✳️ Be communicative! It's up to you how much you say, but we are looking for engaged members of our community. All important messages come from the discord server, but we have plenty of casual chat channels, and the in game chat is active too.

    I do check my messages, but the best way to get in touch with me is on Discord at Chibrel#9238. Thanks for checking us out!
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    GSF Mu Is recruiting!
    We are a 400+m Guild
    TW and TB focused
    DS geo 31* approaching 32, with 42+ wat every go
    LS geo 29* almost 30, with 35+ KAM
    Raids launch at 8PM EST

    Looking for players 7.5m+
    4+ GLs
    Must Have Executor and multiple conquest toons
    KAM ready Clones, be willing to stream for help if not consistently beating solo
    Someone with easy going attitude, but also competitive

    Discord is Mandatory
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    We are The Smoking Krayt!

    171m GP - Fully active and dedicated.
    DS Geo TB - 22 stars with 29 Wat shards
    LS Geo TB - 10 stars.
    All Heroic Raids
    TW - We almost always WIN!! 32 straight wins is our current record.
    UK time zone.

    Part of a family type 5 guild alliance where all guilds are run independently.
    We have 3 or 4 spots available for 100% active players with 3m+ gp
    Very fast growing, friendly guild with a great discord community and a well gained winning mentality.

    Contact details on the poster below.. yes it needs updated a bit regarding our TBs :)
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    Canadians Reunited is looking for one player to get our Guild back up to 50 and about 370M GP.
    We're usually at 50 so this is a good opportunity to join a friendly, supportive, loyal, and drama-free Guild that's been around since 2017.
    Feel free to message me with any questions... Kilum Kanata, 278-848-266
    For full info about our Guild, click on this link:
    Thanks and cheers!
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    Hey all you cool cats and kittens.

    Super chill guild. Have an adult life and play kid games with us.

    All raids are on farm.


    Our only rule is if you're not going to be able to play for a while, just let us know. We have 0 issues with having a life outside of the game.

    Give us a look.

    Discord: ryan0324#0419
    Ally code: 436-613-419
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    Wife and I are looking for a more active guild. Our current one only has around 50% participation in daily activities and sometimes can't get 25 people for TB/TW. Would like a guild with more like 80% participation and ideally doing all heroic raids multiple times per week but we can help the guild grow to that if it's not quite there yet.

    Ally-Code: 256-871-915
    Link to
    GP: 2.9M (1.2M ships)
    Working on Darth Revan and SLKR.

    Ally-Code: 542-498-925
    Link to
    GP: 2.4M (1M ships)
    Working on C3P0 and JKL.

    Contact either of us in game or forum dm (whatever is convenient). 😊

    (Accidentally posted this here instead of in the right place but I can't delete it... )
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    Child of Gray is looking for new members. We are friendly and active guild striving to have a fun environment and earn some great rewards. We have an amazing discord community as part of a 7 guild alliance.

    Any part of the game you enjoy discussing or looking for advice on we have members enthusiastic to discuss. If you prefer no discord we can accommodate as long as you follow in game instructions and limited communicate in game.

    We are usually around 310M GP when full and have high participation in all guild events.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, message me on Discord: Rius #1876 or in game Ally Code: 975-518-199

    May the Force be with you, always.

  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 11

    About us...
    Timezone: US-EST (GMT-5)
    No force farming
    On farms/sims - 24 hours wait period:
    . HPIT - sim, start immediately
    . HAAT - sim, start immediately
    . HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    . CPIT on farm, start immediately
    30 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    20 Geo LSTB, 9 KAM shards
    100's GLs
    Average about 20k tickets daily / 500 tickets per person

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum 5m GP
    Must have account
    Must have GL

    Here's our rules...
    20 misses in 2 months of the following, get removed
    . Do the quest's daily guild activities
    . Generate at least 300 tickets daily
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... get 3 strikes, get removed.
    . For TW, if you join, must score points
    . For TB...
    . Rebel action or did not follow instruction.
    . Must produce minimum waves (15 DSTB, 8 LSTB)
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    We’re looking for 1 active player to come and join us, take a look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!

    • No Younglings Allowed 389M – an original day 1 independent UK guild (49/50)
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (GMT)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period)
    • PIT is simmed
    • HAAT is simmed
    • HSTR 20:00 (GMT)
    • CPit on farm
    • Geonosis TBs only/we expect 100% participation
    • DS 32 stars/43+ Wat shards
    • LS 27 stars and rising/29+ KAM shards
    • TW is mandatory
    • 600 Raid Tickets preferred (500+ required)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Romania, India and Philippines

    • 7M+ GP (6.5M+ with a strong focused roster will be considered)
    • Ideally have strong squads for both Geonosis TBs including 7* Negotiator and 7* Malevolence (Executor would be a bonus)
    • Have at least 3 GLs
    • CPit ready R5+ squads
    • An active Discord account is mandatory
    • A profile

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