Secret recipe for making games

Hello CG, EA and players,

Ive been playing this game for so many years now, well since the game was mainly f2p. Back when Rank 7 gear was top gear. Ive watched as the game progressively became p2w balanced. Probably because you feel this is the way to make money. At this point I'm sure you've already heard of Riot which has made so much of their revenue on just 'skins' for characters. There are so many directions this game could've gone and well the game isn't fun.

With the corporate meetings and discussions how is that the most important ingredient 'fun' is the least important factor in the game. There are daily 'chores', guild level tb where scaling is stupidly absurd, tw where one guild out GLs the other guild by 100 to 50, enormously expensive packs that yield near no rewards. I want to tell my friends and family to play this game but I'd do the opposite. I tell people and will continue to tell them to stay away from this game.

I've watched as you've monetized the franchise and bleed the players dry based on wall street executive ideology. Did EA not learn from lootboxes? As for paying for advantages above others, pesonally, I've never agreed to such philosophies regardless of income. I'd rather earn it through challenging gameplay.

I'm posting this not for just the recent conquest or executor release, I'm posting this in hopes that EA and CG executives and devs will read this post in hopes that you consider in the future new content surrounding FUN. Something you've destroyed long ago. I understand that you need to make money but the direction you've taken the game started to fail when you not only ignored f2p, you gave p2w advantages by swiping a card. I know that at this point any player in higher rankings unless it's a **** will be p2w and will likely disagree with this post.

How much did you make from your current model? How much could you have made with a much MUCH more massive player base due to f2p having just as much a competitive edge? MMR and balancing are still massive issues and what's been done? Working as intended is getting old and soon as you've seen with massive exoduses already ' working as intended while your player base dissipating is your reality.

Have you read the google play comments for this game? How many players left to any of the reasons above? You need players to make money and you're running out of them. I know execs call the shots and devs probably have little say since they're the small fries amd at the end of the day execs will lpok at money and figures in reports. Where in those reports is fun an essential part of the game?

This game reinforces my stand to never purchase an EA game. Before all the p2w players chime in on this post I'd like to remind everyone that when there's a competitive advantage due to swiping a card you'll get divisions and massive imbalances. One we see now.

I remember I used to be estatic playing this game. I'd look forward to doing things and even grind and collect. Now I do it with a heavy sigh wmd the same feeling I get doing chores I hate. I love Star wars, I used to love this game.
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