Mod Transfiguration

Since Mods are so important and so hard to obtain decent ones. Can we add a table called a Mod Transfiguraton. The purpose, the player can drag a mod into the "forge" and reroll one secondary stat for a price. The forge will present an option of two random stats for the original stat to turn into. This will give players a greater chance at actually getting decent mods to use and help newer players catch up.

The cost can be two fold, credits and mod salvage. Salvage can be gained by breaking down unwanted mods in the forge.


  • If they implement your idea, the cost will be cx and Gears like Kyros ....
    They Only care about their greed
  • I would prefer to fuse mods together. Identical stats would be stacked and if more than four secondaries remain we have to select which ones we want to keep
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