LSTB totally botched

CG is guilty of a major disservice to its community this week.

By replacing the floating LSTB icon on the right side of the screen with a money-grab icon, an extremely important event for ALL players (free and p2p) is going unnoticed.

Our guild, the Greedos in Speedos, had the worst P1 in LSTB since its launch. I have to imagine other guilds are in the same boat.

I get it, the game exists to make a profit for a company and exists for no other reason… but c’mon, man. The conquest pass is a soggy bandaid on the machete hack job that Conquest Mode is…. AT BEST.

All disrespect intended towards CG.


  • Not saying I disagree that the icon should be present, but our guild continued to improve in TB, and got within 45M of 9 stars.

    Many many guilds have long given up on the in game tools for prompting guild mates into TB activity.
  • We had our best P1, finally got all 9 stars.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
  • All it takes is your guild leader or officer to set a message at the top of the guild chat to let everyone know that TB is on. Other officers and myself in my guild push out in-game notifications around the clock to ensure that everyone sees, and we follow up with similar messages in our discord.

    So all disrespect to your guild's leadership for not employing common sense.
  • A simpler solution is to allow us to dismiss certain icons. They can keep the Lightspeed Bundle or Conquest Pass icons permanent, whatever, but allow me to dismiss “Event Active” for something like a Galactic Challenge, or Double Drops Active timer.

    That said? Yeah, it’s dumb. But it’s also dumb that you had people who didn’t participate because there wasn’t a one-push button…
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • CG needs that quick cash
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