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UNIT NAME: Dryden Vos


CATEGORY: Attacker(AGI), Scoundrel, Smuggler

Terrifying Scoundrel who capitalizes on weaknesses of both allies and enemies and deals deceptive damage

BASIC: Backstab
FINAL TEXT: Deal physical damage to the target enemy and inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns. If the target has either Daze or Stagger, ignore Protection. If the target is the weakest enemy, attack again.

SPECIAL 1: False Philanthropy (Cooldown 5)
FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs from all enemies which cannot be evaded, then grant all allies all of the dispelled buffs for 2 turns. For each buff copied to himself, gain +10% Offense (stacking) for 2 turns. Afterwards, inflict all enemies with the opposite debuffs, if any, for 2 turns. Enemies below 100% Health are additionally inflicted with Daze for 2 turns which cannot be resisted.

Prepared: Dryden Vos reduces the cooldown of this Ability by 2 and takes a Bonus Turn. Afterwards, he is no longer Prepared.

SPECIAL 2: The Price of Loyalty (Cooldown 6)
FINAL TEXT: (Zeta) Deal true damage to a target other Ally which cannot defeat them, dispel all their buffs and debuffs and Dryden Vos recovers 5% Health and Protection for each effect dispelled. If the target ally was the weakest ally, all other allies gain Protection Up equal to 2x the damage dealt for 2 turns which cannot be prevented, copied or dispelled. Afterwards, Dryden gains a Bonus Turn.

This Ability inflicts additional effects depending on the target ally's health status when this Ability is used:
- Below 100% Health: all other allies gain +30% Turnmeter and Speed Up for 2 turns.
- Below 60% Health: inflict the two weakest enemies with Deathmark for 2 turns.
- Below 35% Health. All enemies are inflicted with Buff Immunity and Vulnerable for 2 turns which cannot be resisted, copied or dispelled, and the next use of Backstab deals +150% Damage.

Prepared: Damage dealt by this Ability to the target ally increases based on the amount of health lost, up to +100% if the target ally is below 35% Health. Then, all other Prepared allies are called to assist, dealing 60% reduced damage. Afterwards, Dryden Vos is no longer Prepared.

UNIQUE Behind the Veil
FINAL TEXT: (Zeta) At the beginning of each encounter, if there is an active ally Qi'ra, she begins with a Bonus Turn and Dryden gains Stealth for 2 turns.

Whenever an enemy falls below 100% Health, 50% Health or is defeated, Dryden gains Stealth for 1 turn as well as +10% Turnmeter and gains Prepared and the weakest other Scoundrel ally gains +10% Max Health (stacking) and Max Protection (stacking) until the end of the Battle. If Dryden is debuffed while under Stealth, he has +50 Speed and whenever he damages an enemy while stealthed, his cooldowns are reduced by 1.

If there is an ally Qi'ra and she is defeated, she cannot be revived and Dryden takes a Bonus Turn whenever he uses Backstab. This effect can only occur once per turn and this Bonus Turn does not count for Ability Cooldowns.
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