Where can I find SWGOH artworks?

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I'm new here, so I do not know if devs actually read this. But it would be nice, if you continued posting your amazing artworks (I mean clean versions) when you announce new characters, like you did with Revan for example. The recent Legends characters' arts were just amazing, it would be great if you shared some.

And please guys, if any of you know where else it can be found pls tell. I could only find some on https://www.artstation.com/garret_aj by myself.
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    Bumping this because I'm absolutely in love with the 2d art in this game, Mara for example is an absolute GOAT
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    Artwork looks nice just wish it was applied in game. After billions of earnings it still seems they're working in the same studio lol, time to renovate!
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