(Free sandbox mode) Make squad arena activate all omicron

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Since there is zero point to squad arena now- it would be great if you would make it activate all omicron abilities. We could atleast make it a sandbox mode (free to the devs!) and the community would get what they’ve asked for forever and the devs could easily implement with minimal effort in creating an actual sandbox mode for players!
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    God yes, we really need that right now. We have no way of testing anything currently and are just left in the dark on which Omicron to get. Doesn't really seem to hard to implement!
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    Added benefit CG would get some additional crystal income from arena- I would use crystals on a refresh if I wanted to test stuff. Other than that/ I don’t see anyone buying refreshes anymore.
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    Yes. Big gamble right now spending omnicrons and using them in GAC/TW/TB without first seeing the data and trying different squad comps yourself
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