No Zeta Bundle!

Hello CG, I am one of the Wales who spend much money for your Game. But I must Stop buying packs because it make not longer Sense for me.
Why is that so?
Because you never Offer really big Zeta Packs.
I have now over 50 toons G13, R5 without Zeta and some without Omega upgrades.
So it make no more sense for me buying any Gear.

Why you not Offer Zeta/Omega Packs with real bigger quantities.
Not 3 Zeta, 60 or 100 in a pack with the needed Omega for upgrade.

Maybe like a special Offer like Hyperdrive for bigger Account.

You change many things for boost new and lower Player. That is a good concept for having a bigger player Base in the future. But why not doing really. New GAC why not more Zeta and Omega output.
You allocate more needed Gear to the player with higher drop rate better conquest and many things you startet. But no increase in Zeta and Omega. So the grow in the player Base will not work.
Big Accounts with more then enough Zeta and Omega Material will not have any benefit if you increase the output. But the upcoming Account have then a real chance to come more near to the older big accounts.

So please rethink Zeta and Omega policies and offer some Big Packs and allocate more in actually running conquests.
Best regards


  • Salatious_Scrum
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    They don’t sell a lot of zeta packs for a reason… it would dilute the value of zetas since they’re meant to be scarce.

    Also if you have that many reliced characters without zetas, you should’ve slowed down to play the game a long time ago…
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