3 zetas, who to give to?!?

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edited December 2021
Title pretty much says it all. I have enough mats to give 3 zetas and not sure who to give them to. I was wondering if my Vader that is G10 would be a decent defense carry with all 3 zetas. I have my Padmé team zetas done (just waiting to unlock GK), and I’m starting my CLS, but don’t have Chewy yet.

I linked my characters to help. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • JJ8
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    You could consider Palpatine's leadership and Vader's MM zeta. Mara Jade was just given out for free, and even at three stars, she's a great addition to that team and doesn't need any zetas to work.
  • Ya, I’d consider that. Who should I add with those 3?
  • JJ8
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    Thrawn also works great with Palp and Vader, so I'd go EP (L), Vader, Thrawn, Mara Jade, Tarkin (feel free to sub Tarkin out, but you have him and need him to be decent for fleets anyways).
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