Starkiller Speed with Omicron Unique

I have one simple question regarding the speed bonus given by the Starkiller unique ability.

According to the description below, with the team conditions met and the omicron applied, the unique would give out 35 + 35 = 70 speed to all allies, correct?

"There is Much Conflict in You · Unique · Level 8 There is Much Conflict in You At the start of battle, if there are no Galactic Legend allies and Starkiller has exactly one Jedi, one Light Side Unaligned Force User, one Sith, and one other Dark Side Unaligned Force user ally, all allies gain the following bonuses: - 100% Critical Damage and Max Health - 100% Max Protection until the first time Starkiller is defeated - 35 Speed - Immune to Daze and Stun

While in Grand Arenas: If the conditions for this ability were met at the start of battle, all of the following bonuses are also gained: - At the start of battle, Jedi Tank allies Taunt for 1 turn - All allies have +35 Speed - Debuffed enemies deal 50% less damage - Whenever a Sith ally uses a Basic ability, Starkiller assists, dealing 20% less damage - Whenever another Dark Side Unaligned Force User uses a Special ability, all allies gain Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn - Whenever Starkiller uses a Special ability, Light Side Healer allies have their cooldowns reduced by 4, and Jedi Tank allies gain Damage Immunity and Taunt for 1 turn"

I went against such a Starkiller comb last GAC. And originally I wanted to use my Palp Vader team against it knowing my Gideon is 40 speed faster than the fastest toon on the other side. But then I realized the speed bonus of the unique might be doubled with the Omicron.


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