Grand Arena reward bug

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the possible repost, I'm not really used to this forum...
Yesterday I got surprised when I got my rewards from the end of this Gac season...
I climbed from chromium 1 to Aurodium 2 and got a bronzium "reward pack" (670 cristals instead of 1515).



Moreover, I got a message saying that I will not have any rewards for the week as I didn't participate but I really did all my combats...


Yesterday when I click on the Gac panel in-game, I had different results, one saying I was in aurodium 2 and other saying I was in bronzium (this was changing as I was refreshing the game for example).



Someone from a friendly guild had the same problem but this morning all went back to normal for him...

I don't have his luck unfortunately...

I miss the many more cristals I should have won very much... Somebody could help me please? 😁
I did some screens if it can helps...

Playing from France, android phone.
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