Conquest bug toon frozen VS Ewoks

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This is ridiculous please fix it.

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  • Wolfcast1e
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    Again … different fight.

  • WorriedConsumer
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    I have the same issue but mine is with GAS
    Haven't had a freez in a long while, but todays patch notes did say a thing regarding Ewok stun for out of turn attacks in Galactic Challanges.
    Maybe since it uses same event modyfiera as GC Ewoks there lies the issue?

    Edit: Its repetable for GAS 100% (happened twice)
  • Almost another one but at least this time I was able to play … avoid ewoks!!

  • Waiting for ewoks meme now ….
  • The same happened to me (GR vs Ewoks in conquest). Characters were frozen in place after assisting. Didn't prevent me from finishing the battle, though.
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    I'll let them know but still a good idea to submit a bug report:

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