Secret JML nerf or JMK boost? AI change?

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So I just lost twice fighting a standard JMK squad (jmk, cat, at, gk, gas) in arena with my standard JML squad (jml, jkl, gas, jkr, hoda). Since I learned the strategy for this match, I have never lost since these 2 times today. What gives? Seems like either AI is different or some change to the mechanics. Enemy squad seems to be targeting toons like JKR and Gas earlier than normal and/or ignoring JML's taunt. Anyone else have any similar experiences? We are evenly matched, and my mods are top tier. I normally beat this player regularly with ease except for today


  • JMK always ignores taunt and the whole team does after he uses his ult. Could be your opponents remodded and RNG gonna' RNG? Better to figure it out now with the low stakes SA than in GAC. If you record and post a video it could help us help you.
  • My guess would be modding is different/changed. At least for me, I need JML go before JMK and/or JKR to go before CAT to make the whole thing work. If I can’t do at least one, or ideally both of those things, then JMK gets off and running and I don’t stand a chance. There are 1-2 squads that I can’t beat on my shard where that’s the case, all the rest I can.
  • thanks! kept trying, ultimately won, but seemed much more difficult than usual...oh well chalk it up to angering the RNGods
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