🎖 Yavin IV - 220M+ looking for 2 recruits to chase Crancor. 3.5M GP Min

Yavin IV Defence Squadron

Are you looking for that next step up? We’re a friendly and active guild, constantly working to improve. We’ve had fantastic growth over the last 6 months and are looking for others to help keep that momentum going as we now chase the Crancor.

🔆About Us🔆

⏺ 220+ Million GP
⏺ 4.6M GP Avg
⏺ Raids at 5PM & 9PM GMT
⏺ Guild Reset at 6:30PM GMT
⏺ Mostly UK Based

🥇 Our Record 🥇

✅DSGTB - 24 stars and 25 Wat Shards
✅LSGTB - 11 stars

⚠️ What we are looking for in recruits ⚠️

☑️ Minimum 3.5M+ GP
☑️ At least 1 Relic 5 team (for cPit)
☑️ Discord required
☑️ swgoh.gg account
☑️ Participation in TB / TW / cPit
☑️ Active player looking for a friendly guild


Come chat with us:

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