Direction to go with my roster?

Hello all!

I see a ton of very knowledgeable players in here so I thought I'd ask for help on where to go with my roster next. I just recently got back into the game after a long hiatus so things are very different now compared to then.


Just unlocked Malak and am planning on fully gearing my darth revan team. But I am a little lost on where to go after that? I already have KRU G12 so was thinking of going for SLKR. But I was also thinking of going for GAS then JMK. Not really sure whatsoever. Also my fleet sucks. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Waqui
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    Don't gear/relic your DR team beyond where the team does its job in GAC and guild events. You will need the gear and relic materials to reach the requirements for your first GL. SLKR is still a good choice since it enables you to solo hSTR which helps your gear income significantly. You will need that gear for your next GL.

    Judged by your GAC history your empire team really needs a couple zetas (EP's lead and Vader's MM).

    In order to unlock Padme (which will help you greatly in GAC) you should either build a full Geonosian team or farm Nute. The geos team is required for the Wat mission in TB as well.

    Regarding your fleet you should focus on staying inside top-200 for those extra zeta materials. Building a Separatist fleet and Geonosian pilots will help you prepare for when you unlock Malevolence and also help you become eligible for the Wat mission in TB.

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